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20 Fun Non-Traditional Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

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non-traditional wedding ceremonies

How to include meaningful touches in your ceremony to make it unique, personal and memorable!

Here on Poptastic Bride, we focus on weddings that aren’t cookie cutter, not for the sake of being irreverent or different but for the purpose of making it truly your own. Here are examples of how couples I featured in 2013 made their weddings truly theirs.

colorful diy backyard wedding

1. Design your own ceremony

This creative couple invented their ceremony completely from scratch! The seats were set up so that guests would be sitting around them in concentric spirals. There were long ribbons that ran along the spirals. The rings were threaded through the ribbons from the outer edge, allowing each guest to touch and pass on the rings through the ribbon and help them make their way to the couple in the center. It was their own take on “ring warming” and it symbolized how each guest played a role in the couple’s union. After getting the rings off the ribbons, the ends of the ribbons were then tied together.

From Amelia & Mike’s Colorful Spirals-and-Ribbons-filled DIY Backyard Wedding, photos by OhKarina Photography

handfasting ceremony

2. Incorporate elements from your heritage

This couple included a hand fasting ceremony based from the groom’s Celtic heritage.

From Heather & Steve’s Epic Eco-Friendly DIY Wedding (with a Bowling Party!), photos by Kristen Schueler Photography

handfasting ceremony

3. Get your family involved

The couple’s immediate family were involved in each of their vows. The bride’s sister performed a song on her ocarina as a symbol of the couple’s love for music; the groom’s mom read a poem that the bride’s late grandfather had written; the bride’s father presented an artwork that depicted the couple’s adventures; the groom’s brother led the hand-fasting with cords he knotted himself; the bride’s mom led their unity ceremony wherein they planted flowers; and the groom’s father led the ring warming. A patchwork scarf itself was made by the groom’s sister, meant to drape over the couple to symbolize their promise to keep each other warm and safe.

From Dagny & Andrew’s Cute, Colorful and Cozy DIY Eco-Friendly Wedding, photos by OhKarina Photography

circus wedding

4. Decorate the space with unique handmade elements

The bride’s father built the altar piece and they hung glass spherical vases and put candles inside them. The couple also included their daughter in their ceremony — they gave her a necklace to symbolize their strong family bond.

From Melissa & Jeremey’s Colorful and Creative Vintage Circus-themed Wedding, photos by BellowBlue

double knot wedding

5. Make your own wedding ceremony ritual 

Because this couple had already “tied the knot”, they thought of “double-knotting” their marriage. Instead of a unity candle, they joined two ropes using a fisherman’s knot. As the bride put it, “With tension, the knot only grows tighter; the separate ropes will snap before the knot comes undone.  With marriage, we will face different hardships, but the pressure will only serve to strengthen our bond.”

From Veronica & Chad’s “Purple, Turquoise, and Peacock Feathers” Zoo Wedding, photos by Tekoa Rose Photography

wedding with rose ceremony

6. Involve your loved ones through a special ceremony

This couple didn’t want a traditional unity ceremony so they did a rose ceremony . Each member of their family put a red rose in a vase for the couple. Their mothers gave them two white roses, which they exchanged and put in the vase.

From Melissa & Steve’s DIY Travel-themed Wedding with a Rose Ceremony and Personal Craft Beer, photos by Rachael Foster Photography

DUMBO wedding

7. Hold your wedding in the place where you had your first date however unexpected that venue may be

This couple had their first date on the steps of Brooklyn Bridge Park so that’s where they had their ceremony!

From Erika & Hayward’s Artistic and Eclectic Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO Loft Wedding, photos by De Nueva Photography

architecture themed wedding

8. Hold your wedding in a venue that represents you and your interests

This architect couple had their ceremony at a church that was known for its unique structure. As a bonus, they ended up with stunning wedding portraits!

From April & Manny’s Modern, Chic and Artistic Architecture-themed Wedding, photos by Joel H. Garcia Photography

nyc bookstore wedding

9. Love books? Hold your wedding in a bookstore (or a library).

Wall to wall books provide an interesting backdrop. From the bride: “While Tom was searching for a special place to get married, he stumbled upon the Housing Works Bookstore in a blog with amazing photos that captured the warmth and spirit of the celebration we wanted. He proposed the idea to me and I agreed that the bookstore was the perfect place for us and we knew we didn’t need to look anywhere else.”

From Chrissy & Tom’s Chic and Cozy New York Bookstore Wedding, photos by Sarah Tew Photography

dia de los muertos wedding aboard a ship

10. Love traveling? Hold your wedding aboard a ship.

This couple had their wedding aboard the Queen Mary which made it a unique and memorable experience for them and their guests.

From Elsa & Alex’ Dia de los Muertos Wedding Aboard the Queen Mary, photos by Jason Burns Photography

NOLA wedding

11. Love music? Hold your wedding in a live music or concert hall.

This couple chose the House of Blues because it was one of the first places they met and they both love music. The hip, colorful vibe also reflected their funky nature.

From Megan & Stephen’s Offbeat and Funky House of Blues NOLA Wedding, photos by Catherine Guidry

theatre wedding

12. Too cool for tradition? Look for alternative venues… like a local independent theatre.

This couple wasn’t particularly religious and they wanted their wedding to reflect their offbeat selves so they found a local theater. They got married right on stage and before their ceremony, they played a homemade movie on the screen with lots of funny clips of the two of them.

From Alexandra & Roger’s Intimate Non-Traditional Wedding in a Theater, photos by Justine Johnson Photography

voodoo wedding

13. This is extreme but if you can hack it, why not? Get married over and over again all over the world.

Lisa & Alex are quite famous on the internets for getting married all over the world AND having different themes for each of them. (See 2 People 1 Life). I was lucky enough to have featured their Voodoo themed wedding which happened to be their 28th ceremony. As of this writing (Jan 21. 2014), the just had wedding #56 in Turkey!

From Lisa & Alex’s Voodoo Marriage in New Orleans (wedding No. 28 for this couple!), photos by Imagine Photography

toilet paper vows

14. Ease up the tension. Make your partner laugh by doing something fun and silly.

From the bride: “My personalized vows were written on toilet paper to look longer then it is, and to be used if I started getting teary eyed.”

From Elizabeth & Chris’ Beautifully Blinged-up Purple and Orange DIY Wedding, photos by Maria Angela Photography

mexican party wedding

15. If it suits your theme, set a festive tone early on in the ceremony.

This celebration’s theme was “A Mexican Wedding in Montana” . Barefooted flower girls danced and twirled like little whirling dervishes down the aisle, shaking their maracas in lieu of flower petals.

From Tana & Tom’s Festive and Colorful DIY Mexican Wedding in Montana, photos by Fran Ze Photography

story reading at a wedding ceremony

16. Include a special reading from a beloved storybook.

This couple’s ceremony included the reading of a children’s book, “A Lovely Love Story”, read by a bridesmaid. From the bride: “We felt the book depicted us and our relationship rather well, while also showing our love of books and all things quirky.”

From Laura & Orion’s Glamorous Vintage-Style City Wedding, photos by Candace Jeffery Photography

sing your wedding vows

17. Sing your vows or treat your bride (or groom) to a special surprise performance.

From the bride: “When our unity candles wouldn’t light (that we placed in lanterns so that wouldn’t happen lol) he took over and surprised me by singing & playing a song that he wrote for me for that day. :) Greatest moment I’ve ever had. He forgot the words a few times and made up silly lyrics on the spot which made me love the song all the more!”

From Anna & Beau’s Sweet Cheery Yellow and Grey Wedding with Rustic DIY Details, photos by Berg Photography

walking down the aisle

18. Walk down the aisle to music specially customized for you.

This couple had their friends rewrite and rearrange a song, “Cross My Heart” by George Straight. The original was way too “country-twangy”, according to the bride, so they rearranged it to a John Mayer/Jack Johnson version. “They sang it as I walked down the aisle. I cried the whole way down the aisle. It was beautiful and I was overcome with joy. What a special moment it was.”

From Melissa & Mark’s Rustic and Romantic Starry Summer Night Wedding, photos by Imagine Photography

church pews outdoor wedding

19. Bring the indoors outdoors!

Both sets of parents wanted a church venue but they did love the venue. To please and honor their wishes, the couple laid out church pews in the garden. They even had free standing doors to add to the church feel.

From Audrey & Brian’s Elegant and Rustic DIY Estatoah Falls Wedding, photos by Cariad Photography

80s wedding recessional

20. Celebrate your union and dance your way down the aisle.

I know that dancing processionals / recessionals are already quite popular all over but I wanted to include this couple on this list because of their awesome retro song choice: “What a Feeling (Flashdance)” by Irene Cara which started playing as soon as they kissed.

From Steph & Sanj’s Fun and Whimsical Hand-Crafted Wedding with an 80s Kick, photos by Devic Fotos

Did this roundup inspire you to personalize your own wedding ceremony too? Feel free to share this list with your fellow brides!

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30 Fun & Unique DIY Wedding Project Ideas

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It’s time for the annual roundup of fun and creative DIY wedding details from wedding showcased here on the blog in 2013! Do remember that these are just a few of the loads of ideas shared by our featured couples so if you want to see more, here is the link to the DIY weddings archive.

* In case you missed it, here’s last year’s roundup: 25 Creative & Unique DIY Wedding Project Ideas

fun and unique diy wedding projects

Handmade Ceremony Decor

wedding with 1001 cranes

1. Fan fold paper circles / medallions / rosettes

The bride made fun and colorful ornamental paper circles to hang in the ceremony space (and if you click on to the link to their wedding below, you’ll see that she also folded 1001 paper cranes and hung them as if floating on the tree where they said their vows).

* From Carissa & Austin’s Hot Pink and Cobalt Blue DIY Wedding with 1001 Paper Cranes, photos by Studio Sequoia

DIY wedding ceremony backdrop

2. Crepe or tissue paper flowers

For their wedding ceremony backdrop, the couple and their friends made tons of tissue paper flowers and hung them from an arch.

* From Jasmine & Alistair’s Posh and Pretty Art Gallery Wedding, photos by Lakshal Perera

Fun DIY Ceremony Program Ideas

chalkboard programs

3. Chalkboard Window as Ceremony Program

The bride found some old windows in a warehouse, painted the panes with chalkboard paint and wrote out the entire ceremony on one. On the other two they drew their bridal party as stick figures.

* From Kathy & Andrew’s Cool and Casual Stockroom Raleigh Wedding, photos by Carolyn Scott Photography

cootie catcher ceremony program

4. Cootie Catcher Ceremony Program

* From Emily & Andy’s Chic, Modern and Bright-hued Chicago Wedding, photos by Rebecca Marie Photography & Design

travel themed ceremony programs

5. Airplane Safety Card Ceremony Program

This couple had a travel theme so designing their programs as airline safety cards suited their wedding to a T!

* From Rita & Jeff’s Fun and Festive DIY Travel-themed Winter Wedding, photos by Zac Wolf Photography

DIY Centerpiece Ideas

eco friendly wedding centerpieces

6. Potted flower centerpieces

The bride and her mom painted flower pots and planted flowers on them. You can also choose smaller pots so they can be taken home as favors.

* From Heather & Steve’s Epic Eco-Friendly DIY Wedding (with a Bowling Party!), photos by Kristen Schueler Photography

diy wedding centerpiece idea

7. Juice bottles as flower vases

Don’t throw away those juice bottles! Bind them together with brown string, as the bride did, to create table decor with a charming handmade look.

* From Ashley & Luke’s Charming and Easygoing DIY Farm Wedding in Melbourne, photos by Lakshal Perera

books as centerpieces

8. Old books as centerpiece

The bride bought old books on eBay and arranged them neatly on the table along with succulent terrariums her mom made.

* From Becca & Jesse’s Cozy and Fancy Mid-Century Dinner Party Wedding, photos by Yaritza Colon Photography

* More old books as centerpiece examples

eclectic wedding centerpieces

* From Laura & Dan’s Fun & Funky Willowdale Estate Wedding, photos by Kristin Chalmers Photography

books as centerpieces

* From Erika & Hayward’s Artistic and Eclectic Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO Loft Wedding, photos by De Nueva Photography

centerpiece ideas

9. Mason jars filled with sand and tealights

In this backyard wedding, burlap table runners were held down in the breezy weather with a row of mason jars filled with sand and tea lights. Simple!

* From Dagny & Andrew’s Cute, Colorful and Cozy DIY Eco-Friendly Wedding, photos by OhKarina Photography

Non-flower bouquets and boutonnieres

fabric bouquet and boutonierre

10. Fabric bouquet & boutonniere

* From Diana & Steve’s Crafty and Artistic Eclectic Vintage DIY Wedding, photos by Carly Valentine Photography

fabric bouquet and boutonierres

* From Apple & Ryan’s Sweet Red and Green Apple-themed Beach Wedding, photos by Benjie Tiongco Photography

felt bouquet and boutonierre

11. Felt fabric bouquet and boutonniere

* From Steph & Sanj’s Fun and Whimsical Hand-Crafted Wedding with an 80s Kick, photos by Devic Fotos

paper cut out boutonierres

12. Cut-out paper boutonnieres

The bride meticulously cut and put together paper flower boutonnieres for her groom and the groomsmen. See the rest of the paper elements in the link below.

* From Sara & Wallace’s 1920s-inspired Silent Film-themed Wedding, photos by Kickstand Studio

ringbearer shell instead of pillow

13. Shell ringbearer pillow

In this beach wedding, the ringbearer’s “pillow” was a large clamshell adorned with seashells and straw ribbons.

* From Meredith & Brian’s Beautiful Bright Green & Turquoise Beach Wedding, photos by Concept Photography

Crafty Reception Decor

mason jar chandelier

14. A mason jar chandelier

The bride placed string lights inside mason jars, strung wire around them and hung it from the ceiling.

* From Audrey & Brian’s Elegant and Rustic DIY Estatoah Falls Wedding, photos by Cariad Photography

papel picado centerpiece ideas

15. Papel Picado Banners with little bells

The bride hand cut and assembled about 300 banderitas (tissue paper flags on a stick) and topped them with silver and gold jingle bells.  They were taped to each chair so when the couple exited back down the aisle, everyone waved and shook their flags instead of throwing rice.

* From Tana & Tom’s Festive and Colorful DIY Mexican Wedding in Montana, photos by Fran Ze Photography

banners made of old maps

16. Bunting made from favorite prints

The vintage map bunting was perfect for the couple’s travel-themed wedding but you can use other vintage designs to suit your own wedding’s theme.

* From Valerie & David’s Magical Map and Atlas-themed Wedding, photos by Richard Bell Photography

leopard print bunting

For instance, this couple used leopard print paper for their bunting!

* From Kirstie & Liam’s DIY Leopard Print Sweet Shop Music Themed Lochside Wedding, photos by Borja Prada Garcia

Dessert Buffet Alternative

sweets bar wedding

17. An Old Fashioned Sweets Shoppe Candy Buffet 

The bride and her friends made gift jars with aged labels to look like Victorian apothecary themed jars and even created names for the candy to suit their rock and roll theme (examples:  ‘Amy Winegums’, ’Block Rockin Treats’, ‘Gum DMC’, and ‘Ferrero de la Rocha’)

* From Kirstie & Liam’s DIY Leopard Print Sweet Shop Music Themed Lochside Wedding, this photo by bridesmaid Morven Donald

DIY Favor Ideas

honey stick favors

18. Honey stick favors

The couple wanted to support their local apiary by buying and using local honey as favors. They bundled 3 honey sticks tied together with bakers twine and attached cute handmade tags.

* From Diana & Steve’s Crafty and Artistic Eclectic Vintage DIY Wedding, photos by Carly Valentine Photography

eco friendly favors

19. Live spruce and pine trees in bird feeder tubes

This couple’s favors were live spruce and pine trees in recyclable bird feeder tubes with customized labels from the Arbor Day Foundation. The tube container can be reused as bird feeders.

* From Elizabeth & Chris’ Beautifully Blinged-up Purple and Orange DIY Wedding, photos by Maria Angela Photography

Fun DIY Escort Card, Guest Book, and Table Number Alternatives

polaroid escort cards

20. Polaroid escort cards

The couple created Polaroid style escort cards by sourcing photos of each one of their guests on Facebook or in their personal collection. The escort cards were strung up on twine with clothespins on an old barn window frame.

21. Mad Lib Guestbook

Rather than a traditional guest book, the couple had their guests fill out Mad Lib type cards for them.

* From Steph & Sanj’s Fun and Whimsical Hand-Crafted Wedding with an 80s Kick, photos by Devic Fotos

rock guest cards

22. Escort Card Rocks

Aren’t these cute? The artistic couple specially designed a rock for each of their guests. Can double as keepsake paperweights.

* From Laura & Dan’s Fun & Funky Willowdale Estate Wedding, photos by Kristin Chalmers Photography

apple escort cards

23. Fruity escort cards

They don’t have to be apples, any small fruit in season would be a treat for your guests.

* From Jessica & Jay’s Bright, Colorful and Eclectic “No Theme” Wedding, photos by Kristin Chalmers Photography

funky DIY escort cards

24. Shrinky-dink Escort Cards (or Wine Charms)

The couple had a camera / photography theme so they shrinky-dinked photos of vintage cameras and attached them on paper tags to serve as wine charms. I think they’ll make great escort cards too. Just shrinky dink elements to match your wedding’s theme.

* From Sarah & Kevin’s Creative Crafts-filled Corks and Cameras Wedding, photos by Paige Winn Photo 

comic book guestbook

25. Vintage Comic Guest Poster

The groom loves comic books so their friends created a vintage comic book poster for guests to sign. They removed the text from the speech bubbles so guests could write their own messages. You can also draw the comic yourself for a more personal touch.

* From Dara & Jeremy’s Fun, Sweet and Kid-Friendly DIY Rustic Farm Wedding, photos by Justine Bursoni Photography

thumbprint balloon guestbook

26. Fingerprint balloon guest poster

* From Ashley & Luke’s Charming and Easygoing DIY Farm Wedding in Melbourne, photos by Lakshal Perera

chalkboard thank you message board

27. Chalkboard Message Board and Escort Card Holder

The couple wrote their thank you message on the chalkboard side and pinned escort cards on the cork side of their message board.

* From Sherry & David’s Chic and Cozy Brooklyn Restaurant Wedding, photos by Photo Philosophies

globe guestbook

28. Globe as Guest Book

This was for a travel-themed wedding but I thought it was a pretty unique guestbook alternative.

* From Valerie & David’s Magical Map and Atlas-themed Wedding, photos by Richard Bell Photography

alternative guestbook idea

29. Notebook Table Numbers and Guestbook

This couple propped mini noteooks on little easels. These served as their table numbers and guests could also write messages for them in the pages. Such a neat idea huh?

* From Chrissy & Tom’s Chic and Cozy New York Bookstore Wedding, photos by Sarah Tew Photography

street sign table numbers

30. Street Sign Table Numbers

This couple wanted to incorporate elements from their home city of Chicago into their Florida wedding so they named guest tables after streets and designed them like street signage.

* From Jackie & Tim’s Chic, Casual, and Chicago-cool Florida Beach Wedding, photos by  Concept Photography

Did this roundup inspire you to come up with a personalized DIY project for your wedding? Feel free to share this list with your fellow brides!

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25 Playful, Interesting, and Memorable E-session Examples

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fun and playful e-session ideas

One week into the new year and it’s once again time to take a look back on some fun, unique and memorable e-sessions shared by our 2013 couples! I’m trying to cut down on the chit chat — I know you can’t wait to see the photos anyway :) — so here they are without further ado.

* In case you missed it, here’s last year’s compilation of 20 Creative, Fun & Unique Engagement Session Ideas

This year we saw a lot of “fighting”… play-fighting that is!

play fighting e-session

1. Kristina & Curtis’ Jumping, Play-Fighting and Dancing-in-the-Back-of-a-Truck E-session, photos by Jeff Tisman Photography

ice cream fight e-session

2. Dagny & Andrew’s Cute and Crazy Ice Cream Sundae E-session, photos by OhKarina Photography

water balloon fight e-session

3. Jackie & Matt’s Wet and Wonderful Water Balloon Fight E-session, photos by Shutter Life Productions

Pillow fight e-session

4. Bunny & Tom’s High School Loving, Underwater Swimming, and Pillow Fighting E-session, photos by Purple Kite Studios

pop art e-session

5. Alana & Michael’s Bright and Happy E-session Around Street Art-filled East Austin, photos by Andy Sams Photography

We also saw A LOT of jumping…

flagstaff e-session

6. Jesse & Kyle’s Sweet and Fun E-session in Flagstaff, photos by Tangled Lilac Photography

Brooklyn e-session

7. Christina & James’ Frolicsome E-session in the Art-and-Graffiti-lined Streets of Williamsburg, photos by Laffler Photography

art district e-session

8. Erin & Ben’s Fun and Frolicsome Wynwood Art District E-session, photos by Concept Photography

17th Ave Calgary e-session

9. Rosalind & Mark’s Hip and Vibrant E-session in 17th Ave Calgary, photos by Paisley Photography

Some went to their favorite haunts and date places…

record store e-session

10. Courtney & Derek’s Urban Cool Record Store E-session, photo by Blair Bennett’s Photography

wine tasting e-session

11. Anne & Ben’s Romantic Wine-Sipping and S’mores-Roasting E-session, photos by Dei Gratia Photography

geek love e-session

12. Denise & Josh’s Colorful and Animated “Geek Love” E-session, photos by Amore Vita Photography

agricultural market e-session

13. Richelle & Gregg’s Fun & Colorful E-session in an Agricultural Fair, photos by Kristin Chalmers Photography 

Sydney pub e-session

14. Jessica & Raef’s Chill and Laid Back Sydney Pub E-session, photos by Jonathan David Photography

tokyo engagement session

15. Milai & Ryosuke’s Sweet-Love-in-Tokyo Engagement Session, photos by Zac Wolf Photography

Some centered their session around their favorite recreational activities and passions…

Subaru themed e-session

16. Joslin & Corey’s Super Cool Subaru-themed Engagement Session, photos by Anna Bruce Photography

skateboarding e-session

17. Shelly & Randy’s Colorful & Edgy Skateboarding-in-a-Graffiti’d-Lot E-session, photos by j.woodbery photography

anime inspired e-session

18. Kristina & Karl’s Kawaii Japanese Anime-inspired E-session in Sydney, photos by Jonathan David Photography

retro rockabilly and rave e-session

19. Jessica & Aaron’s Retro Rockabilly and Rave Music E-session, photos by Seriously Sabrina Photography

longboarding e-session

20. Melly & Richard’s Love, Longboards and a Pillow Fight E-session, photos by Meo Baaklini

This twosome revisited their college life in a very unique e-session that took a FULL academic term to shoot…

school life e-session

21. Christine & Von’s Colorful University Life: A School Year-Long E-session, photos by Whimboy Echavez Photography

Some couples recreated vintage pop culture / literature inspired themes down to the last gorgeous painstaking detail…

Jane Austen themed e-session

22. Shannon & Karl’s Vintage Romantic Books-and-Stories-themed Jane Austen-inspired Engagement Shoot, photos by Patrick Hadley Photography

aviator e-session

23. Melissa & Brian’s Retro-Fantastic Vintage Aviator E-session, photos by Carmen Salazar Photography

adriatic dream e-session

24. Codruta & Daniel’s Adriatic Dream: An Ethereal Love Session in Croatia, photos by David Postatny Photography

None of the above ideas work for you? Of course you can simply romp around, don animal head masks, and totally have fun like this cute couple did!

50s style Disney Boardwalk e-session

25. Gina & Moses’s Fun Fifties-Style Disney’s Boardwalk E-session, photos by Concept Photography

If this list inspired you to come up with an awesome idea for an e-shoot, feel free to share it with your bride friends and photographers!

* Don’t forget to check out last year’s compilation of  20 Creative, Fun & Unique Engagement Session Ideas

* For even more inspiration, click [ here ] to see all of our featured engagement shoots.

Modern Chevron Wedding Invitations + Couple Holiday Photo Cards and Ornaments

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modern teal and orange chevron wedding invitations

Just a quick note to let you know that we have some new stuff in our shops. First off, this contemporary invitation suite filled with graphic chevron goodness! Yes we’re jumping in on the zigzag pattern craze with this set but we added a funky spin through fun retro typefaces and fresh, modern color combinations. The Poptastic Bride lovebirds are also present for added cuteness. :)

You can view the set elements on this page or at the main store.

The design is available in three combinations for now: Teal and Orange (pictured above), Coral and Navy, and Red and Aqua. Of course you can send me a note if you’d like me to revise the design using your wedding colors.

Aside from invitations, we also have RSVP cards, Save the Date postcards, shipping labels, wedding postage, favor tags and other necessary elements. As always everything is fully customizable with your names and wedding info.

* Please head on over to the main store to see all the available options.

The other new product I wanted to announce are our couple holiday photo cards. If you’re celebrating your first Christmas together as an engaged or married couple — or if you just want to send a holiday card your family will treasure —  please check out our designs below. Clicking on the images will take you to a page where you can personalize the details and upload your own photos to replace the placeholders.

* See all of our customizable Christmas photo cards here.

And if you want keepsakes to remember your first Christmas together by, here are ceramic Christmas ornaments you can personalize and hang on your tree.

You can upload two different photos for each side of the ornament.

* See all of our customizable holiday ornaments here.

Stacked and Chunky Heel Wedding Shoes for Fab Retro Bridal Style

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chunky heel wedding shoes

(Image from Meta & Ian’s Funky Red & White Wedding With Retro Flair, photo by Portrait Design by Shanti)

Confession: I’ve never been a fan of stilettos. I’ve rocked the kitten heel in formal events including my wedding but I just. cannot. wear narrow 4-inch heels. Which is why the emergence of stacked and chunky heeled shoes, thanks to the rise of retro style, is pretty much a godsend to stiletto-scared women like myself. Now there is an option to look stylish and, well, relatively statuesque without fear of tripping or toppling over. Even if you’re not averse to stilettos, you will love the added balance support provided by stacked heels — especially you busy-bee brides who’ll be doing a lot of walking around greeting guests at your celebration.

I’ve gathered a few of my favorite retro-style chunky heeled shoes that you can wear at — and definitely beyond — your wedding. Aren’t they cute? :) These would look fabulous with tea-length or high-low bridal dresses and circle skirts.

Click on each shoe for a closer look.

Seychelles - Just An Illusion (Grey/Emerald) - Footwear Seychelles - Tempest (Nude Multi) - Footwear Seychelles - Turning Point (Nude) - Footwear
Seychelles - Just An Illusion (Teal/Yellow) - Footwear Seychelles - Found My Way (Mint) - Footwear Seychelles - Tempest (Whiskey Multi) - Footwear
Seychelles - Just An Illusion (Black/Rose Gold) - Footwear Seychelles - Apology Accepted (Yellow/Grey) - Footwear Seychelles - Rosemary (Black) - Footwear
Seychelles - Tempest (Black Multi) - Footwear Seychelles - Found My Way (Copper) - Footwear Nina Originals - Dynasty (Buff) - Footwear
Nina Originals - Diandra (Tartan Multi) - Footwear Nina Originals - Diandra (Earth Multi) - Footwear Sofft - Ramona II (Sand Patent Leather) - Footwear

Are you going to wear chunky, stacked heels at your wedding? I would love to know!

*affiliated post