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5 Wedding Speech Tips from Movies

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As you already know, we’re all about taking inspiration from unlikely sources including the world outside the realm of weddings. Since I don’t get to tackle the topic of wedding speeches much around here (actually I haven’t tackled it at all), I thought you’d have a blast reading this guest post by Roger Kethcart featuring speech tips with some lessons drawn from pretty well-known movies. Feel free to pass this on to your fathers, mothers, attendants, and anyone tasked to make the speech on your special day. :)

5 Wedding Speech Tips from Movies

Wedding speeches: heartfelt, compelling, loving, nerve-racking, a disaster. One of the most difficult things to do at a wedding, other than the actual nuptials for the couple, is the wedding speech. There is a certain level of finesse that needs to be incorporated to make a great speech. Taking some cues from wedding movies on, you can truly give the perfect speech.

1. Be honest and happy for your child. Father of the Bride (1991)

Although this isn’t a direct, verbal speech, it is as close to one as you can get. The father of the bride, played by Steve Martin, is a nervous wreck as he’s giving his only daughter away at her wedding. His speech or rather thoughts are a heartfelt, honest, loving and a bit sad; a great representation of what a father’s speech should be like at a wedding.

2. Highlight the similarities. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

“We all different, but in the end we all fruit.” This quote from the father of the bride in this hilarious wedding comedy is a perfect representation of what to say in a cross-culture wedding. With more couples of different races, ethnicities and religions getting married, it’s important for their families and friends to also accept their union. Find a commonality between the two, and make it funny.

3. Keep yourself in check. The Wedding Singer (1998)

Simply put, don’t drink too much. Especially if you’re giving a speech at the wedding. Alcohol makes you say things you would normally not say, and perhaps do things you would not, or should not do. Along this note, don’t bring up the dirty past. Be happy for the couple, there’s no need to bring up your own issues or instances in the past.

4. Keep it simple. The Wedding Date (2005)

The simplest and most heartfelt speeches are often those that the attendees and the bride and groom appreciate the most. Let’s be honest, although in-depth dramatic speeches can add a little something to the wedding, a simple speech will keep everyone’s attention, especially if it’s sweet and sincere. Also, if you’re related or closer to either the bride or the groom, show the other some love by highlighting one of their best traits.

5. Ask for help. The Wedding Planner (2001)

At the beginning of the movie, Mary played, by Jennifer Lopez, recites the best man’s speech for him through an earpiece. Whether she wrote it or not, it’s likely the best man would not have been able to do it without her help. Writing a speech can be very difficult and nerve-racking; ask a close friend or another member of the wedding party or family for help. They’ll most likely love to help and can add some additional insight that will make the perfect speech.

These five tips are sure to help you write and give the appropriate speech for any wedding, whether it’s ultra-casual or super formal.


Roger is a lover of weddings and what they communicate publicly about the nature and beauty of love.  He has been happily married to the love of his life for over six years now and has personally delivered two best man speeches.  An entertainment writer by trade, he writes over at and can be found on Twitter @RKCart.

Summer / Beach Wedding Invitation Sets + Free Printable Cupcake Flags & Cocktail Glass Tags

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I have a short and sweet store update for you today. We have new invitation sets!

The first one is actually from last week and it features mason jars, sunflowers, and red gingham — perennial rustic summer wedding favorites!

mason jar & sunflowers invitation suite

Mason Jars and Sunflowers Summer Wedding Invitation Set 

Rustic Mason Jar & Sunflowers Wedding Custom Announcement
Rustic Mason Jar & Sunflowers Wedding Custom Announcement
Rustic Mason Jar & Sunflowers Wedding Reception Invite
Rustic Mason Jar & Sunflowers Wedding Reception Invite

The set comes with an invitation, an RSVP card, a reception card, a save the date card, address labels, favor and envelope seals, postage, table number cards, and other elements. All items can be customized online, just replace the names and details with yours in the provided text fields – yup right from the comforts of home. Please visit the shop to see the entire set.


The latest suite is inspired by all the beach weddings I’ve been featuring on this site. This set features seashells, starfish, and other marine life forms arranged in the form of a heart. Everything is bathed in sunny yellow and orange hues.

seashells and starfish beach wedding invitations

Seashells and Starfish Beach Wedding Invitation Set

Seashells & Starfish Heart Beach Wedding Custom Invitation
Seashells & Starfish Heart Beach Wedding Custom Invitation – FRONT
Seashells & Starfish Heart Beach Wedding Custom Invitation
Seashells & Starfish Heart Beach Wedding Custom Invitation – BACK

Elements include an invitation, an RSVP card, a matching envelope, address labels, seals and stickers, stamps, and more. Visit the shop to see the entire collection.

And as promised, I have a printable for you to match this beach wedding set. Cupcake flags and cocktail glass tags!

free beach wedding cupcake flags and cocktail name tags

The starfish-and-seashell-pattern cupcake flags will cheer up any beach wedding dessert spread. The name tags, meanwhile, will prevent lost or misplaced cocktails once your beach party is in full swing! Grab the printable from our freebies section.

Your wedding’s all perfectly planned out… but are you covered? Here’s how you can protect your special day!

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While planning a wedding we tend to focus on the fun parts — the cool wedding theme, details and decor to DIY, and how to make the event special and memorable for our guests. No one wants to think about the unthinkable — the hitches that may happen be they no-show vendors, cancellations, unexpected extreme weather, or *knock on wood* illnesses and accidents.

The fact is unprecedented snags that threaten our day do happen whether we like it or not (well of course we don’t) so we really must consider “grownup” stuff like wedding insurance. To put it simply, with wedding insurance coverage all you have to think about is celebrating your wedding and having a grand old time surrounded by those you love.

(Image from Jenn & Mike part 1: A Rainy Day Wedding and Baptism on the Beach, photo by Red Bird Hills Photography)

And thankfully Markel Wedding Insurance  who specializes in coverage for weddings and other private events can help protect your special day. Markel is a trusted name in insurance, having earned an Excellence Rating by A.M. Best, a 3rd-party agency that’s been assessing insurance companies for over 100 years.

How can Markel protect your wedding? There are two ways:

1. Wedding Cancellation Insurance

Let’s say you’ve already booked your dream venue whose package already includes your choice of photographer, among other vendors.  Just when you think that all is smooth sailing, the photographer calls a week later to say that he can no longer photograph your wedding as the said venue still owed him money from previous weddings. What a nightmare! Now you have to find another photographer whom you’ll have to pay separately as the venue had already accepted your payment for the package which included the original photographer. It’s not only a waste of money, it’s also a waste of precious time!

However if you purchase Markel’s Wedding Cancellation Coverage prior to booking your venue, the deposit you paid for your original photographer can be reimbursed. Markel can also pay for another photographer to complete additional services you specified in the original contract in case your 2nd chosen photographer is unable to perform them.

Aside from allowing you to recover lost deposits, with this coverage you can also be reimbursed for lost or stolen jewelry and gifts, damage to your wedding dress, and any additional expenses you may incur.

2. Wedding Liability Insurance / Wedding Reception Insurance

You are now at the wedding venue you’ve always pictured in your mind, reveling in the joy of your wedding day and enjoying your reception. Suddenly one of hubby’s pals, having had one drink too many, attempts a headstand on the dance floor, fails miserably, and breaks a few of the venue’s chairs. Obviously you’re not at fault but technically, since he incurred damage to the property during your event, you’ll have to pay for the damages. And if he gets hurt, you might have to pay for the hospital bills as well! SO not a good way to start off a marriage, right?

But if you have Markel’s Wedding Liability Insurance which includes coverage for the entire event (including the rehearsal dinner if held within 48 hours of the ceremony and even the setting up / removing of decorations if within 24 hours of the event date), you can rest easy that you and your groom are protected from any financial loss. Even if the venue has liquor liability coverage, they don’t cover the bride/groom if they are sued. It’s a good idea to check with your venue to see if they require event liability insurance (as many venues now actually require it).

The two insurance policies I detailed above can be purchased individually but for total protection, I recommend getting them both as a package.

(Image from Denise & LJ’s Techno Music Party in a Vineyard Wedding, photo by Anna Bruce Photography)

Markel’s coverage will definitely give you peace of mind so you don’t need to worry about what-if scenarios and instead focus on the fun details of your big day. And with policies starting at $75, it’s highly worth it! Get a quote now.

If you need more information on why wedding insurance is necessary, see the FAQ.

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Behind the Lens: Jason & Sara Martin of Concept Photography

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Welcome to another Behind the Lens post where I interview a talented wedding photographer whom I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. Every photographer has their own distinct style so the purpose of this series is to help you choose a photographer whose style best represents you. Thus I want you to meet them not as “vendors” but as potential friends who just so happen to have the skills to creatively chronicle your special day in pictures.

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

Concept Photography’s Jason and Sara photographed by Dave Thomas

Meet Jason & Sara Martin of Orlando FL-based Concept Photography

First of all, how cute are they??  My love affair with Concept Photography’s Sara & Jason Martin’s gorgeous work began the moment they sent me Toni & Troy’s Eclectic Vintage DIY Backyard Wedding last year. Even now, several months (and real wedding / e-session features) later, I always get a thrill whenever I receive a submission from them because I’m 100% — no, make that 200% sure that I will love it. Their skillfully-framed photographs have a cheerful, dreamy quality reminiscent of summer love & warm memories, and as you’ll see in a bit they are simply brilliant at capturing real love and naturally whimsical moments.

I’m honored to have them among this site’s featured photographers (and you can be sure that you’ll be seeing more of their beautiful work on here in the coming weeks). Please enjoy the interview and photos.

* All photos on this page are copyright Concept Photography (except where indicated) *

Hello Jason & Sara! Please tell us more about your wedding photography business.

We are Jason + Sara Martin of Concept Photography, a husband and wife team who travels the world in search of amazing weddings and awesome clientele! We are in love with photography, our dogs, and each other. We have been married for 5 years and shooting together for 6. We work out of our home office and focus predominantly on wedding and engagement photography. We would describe our shooting style as creative photojournalism. :)

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

The quirkiest wedding you’ve photographed?

If you mean quirky in a very good way – that would be Toni + Troy’s wedding at their home in Daytona Beach last year (our first feature on this very blog if memory serves!). To start, the groom and best man had their “getting ready” pictures taken at McDonald’s (which came out so cool!) The couple’s vintage décor details were all DIY, found at local thrift shops, and the cake topper (a family of penguins) was handmade by the groom. The bride had these amazing needlepoint shoes that said “home sweet home”!

eclectic vintage wedding

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

The most unusual or unexpected location you’ve shot a wedding at?

Early on in our career, we got lucky enough to photograph a wedding at a castle in Germany, Schloss Neuberg. We dressed in lederhosen and dirndls for the Bavarian themed rehearsal dinner and watch as the soon-to-be-groom tapped a keg with a huge mallet!. We captured the most beautiful images of an amazingly gorgeous couple in a breath-taking location – a photographer’s dream.

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

A wedding photography fad you will never follow?

Selective coloring is something we have never done (even when asked) and will never do.

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

Can you tell us what your wedding was like?

Our wedding was casual awesomeness. We rented beach houses on St. George Island in Florida’s panhandle, and put up family and friends for 4 days of sun and fun. We had about 40 guests total, many of which contributed in some way to the set-up! We were barefoot in the sand for the ceremony, surrounded by the people we love most in the world, and we couldn’t stop smiling. The only tropical storm of 2007 hit that day, but stopped just in time to get everything set up outside and give us the most amazingly beautiful sky!

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

* Jason & Sara’s wedding photos were taken by their friend David Robinson

Barring budget, logic or reality, what would your dream wedding be like? 

We have always dreamed of shooting an intimate wedding on a white cliff overlooking the incredibly blue ocean in Santorini, Greece.

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

Please name at least 5 songs off your dream wedding / reception playlist:

Shake Your Tailfeather by The Five Du-Tones, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, This Kind of Love by Sister Hazel, Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith, and Bust a Move by Young M.C.

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

A book, movie or tv show you’d love to base a styled shoot on? 

The Princess Bride

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

Which celebrity or fictional couple’s wedding do you think would be a blast to photograph if you could?

Kermit + Miss. Piggy

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

If you weren’t a photographer now, what would you be? 

Jason would be a fire fighter (which he is), and Sara would be a chiropractor (which I am – just not practicing).

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

Concept Photography - Orlando, Florida

I hope you all enjoyed meeting Sara and Jason Martin of Concept Photography! The gorgeous images on this page are just a taste of what they can offer!
If you want more info on the talented husband and wife photo team, please visit the following pages:

FB: /Concept-Photography/
Pinterest: /conceptphoto
Twitter: @concept_photo

* See all our previously featured weddings & shoots by Concept Photography
* Meet other featured photographers in our Behind the Lens interview series
* While you’re at it, do check out the site map to browse our real wedding/engagement/styled shoot features by photographer and by location.

How to rock the galaxy print trend at your wedding: outfit & decor ideas and DIY tutorials

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Here’s a trend I’ve been seeing on all the hip kids for a while now — the photo-realistic universe / nebula / planetary / starry night / galaxy print. If you’re a couple of stargazers or astrology nuts — or perhaps you just love them heavenly bodies — this motif is perfect for you! And if you’ve already been wearing the quirky cosmic pattern in your everyday life, why not take it to another level and rock it at your wedding?

galaxy print wedding outfit ideas

Ideas on how to incorporate the trendy galaxy print motif into your wedding attire:

1. For the bride: wear an assymetric flowy gown and have galaxy print leggings or tights peek out teasingly from underneath.

links: galaxy bow tie / Wedded to Looking Wonderful dress / bright starry fabric leggings / handpainted galaxy tiegalactic print Doc Martens

2. For the groom and groomsmen: have the groom wear a cosmic print bowtie; the rest of the guys can wear galaxy print neckties and / or DIY-ed galaxy print Doc Martens (or Converse Sneakers).

galaxy print bridesmaid outfit ideas

3. For the bridesmaids: They can wear a dress with an all-over galaxy print + black tights. Another option is to wear a white tee or tank top with flowy galactic print high-low or maxi skirts as in the photo.

links: galaxy printed shift dress / starry night print asymmetric skirt / starry print maxi skirt / 2B mesh back white tee / 2b stud neck tank top

galaxy print wedding ideas

4. You and your bridesmaids can also sport galaxy print nail art for added flair.

5. Remember those milky way marbles you played with as a child? They can be put to good use as decor elements at your galaxy-themed wedding. Another idea would be to run wire through the balls and form them into a bouquet of sorts.

6. Glow jars make for out-of-this-world luminaries in an evening wedding.

7. Decorate your treats in line with the motif just like these space-themed cupcakes.

For even better control and personalization, you can DIY the galaxy print onto your clothing and practically anything else (tablecloths, reception decor elements, etc). Here are tutorials I dug up from around the web:

This video tutorial shows how to make a galaxy print using black clothes, bleach, fabric dye, spray bottles, white fabric paint, and paintbrushes.

how to make a galaxy top with bleach and acrylic paint
how to make a hipster galaxy graphic tee
- how to make a Christopher Kane-inspired galaxy top
galaxy nails: nail art tutorial
– more DIY tutorials: galaxy Vans / galaxy heels / galaxy Doc Martens

What do you think of the galactic pattern motif? Is it something you will consider for your wedding?

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