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How to rock the galaxy print trend at your wedding: outfit & decor ideas and DIY tutorials

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Here’s a trend I’ve been seeing on all the hip kids for a while now — the photo-realistic universe / nebula / planetary / starry night / galaxy print. If you’re a couple of stargazers or astrology nuts — or perhaps you just love them heavenly bodies — this motif is perfect for you! And if you’ve already been wearing the quirky cosmic pattern in your everyday life, why not take it to another level and rock it at your wedding?

galaxy print wedding outfit ideas

Ideas on how to incorporate the trendy galaxy print motif into your wedding attire:

1. For the bride: wear an assymetric flowy gown and have galaxy print leggings or tights peek out teasingly from underneath.

links: galaxy bow tie / Wedded to Looking Wonderful dress / bright starry fabric leggings / handpainted galaxy tiegalactic print Doc Martens

2. For the groom and groomsmen: have the groom wear a cosmic print bowtie; the rest of the guys can wear galaxy print neckties and / or DIY-ed galaxy print Doc Martens (or Converse Sneakers).

galaxy print bridesmaid outfit ideas

3. For the bridesmaids: They can wear a dress with an all-over galaxy print + black tights. Another option is to wear a white tee or tank top with flowy galactic print high-low or maxi skirts as in the photo.

links: galaxy printed shift dress / starry night print asymmetric skirt / starry print maxi skirt / 2B mesh back white tee / 2b stud neck tank top

galaxy print wedding ideas

4. You and your bridesmaids can also sport galaxy print nail art for added flair.

5. Remember those milky way marbles you played with as a child? They can be put to good use as decor elements at your galaxy-themed wedding. Another idea would be to run wire through the balls and form them into a bouquet of sorts.

6. Glow jars make for out-of-this-world luminaries in an evening wedding.

7. Decorate your treats in line with the motif just like these space-themed cupcakes.

For even better control and personalization, you can DIY the galaxy print onto your clothing and practically anything else (tablecloths, reception decor elements, etc). Here are tutorials I dug up from around the web:

This video tutorial shows how to make a galaxy print using black clothes, bleach, fabric dye, spray bottles, white fabric paint, and paintbrushes.

- how to make a galaxy top with bleach and acrylic paint
- how to make a hipster galaxy graphic tee
- how to make a Christopher Kane-inspired galaxy top
- galaxy nails: nail art tutorial
- more DIY tutorials: galaxy Vans / galaxy heels / galaxy Doc Martens

What do you think of the galactic pattern motif? Is it something you will consider for your wedding?

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Mason Jar & Fireflies Wedding Invitation Set + Free Printable Gift Tags!

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mason jar and fireflies wedding invitations

Our latest invitation suite features a lovingly hand-drawn mason jar filled with glowing fireflies — perfect for summer afternoon and evening wedding celebrations! And yes I was thinking of Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night while working on this design. :)

The set comes with an invitation, an rsvp card, a save the date, table numbers, favor and envelope seals, and postage.

Check out the complete Mason Jar and Fireflies wedding invitation set at the store.

Annnnnnnd as per usual, I have a freebie for you. Matching gift tags!

free mason jar and fireflies gift tags

Grab your printables from the freebies page!

Behind the Lens: Karina Picache of OhKarina Photography

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Welcome to another Behind the Lens post where I interview a talented wedding photographer whom I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. Every photographer has their own distinct style so the purpose of this series is to help you choose a photographer whose style best represents you. Thus I want you to meet them not as “vendors” but as potential friends who just so happen to have the skills to creatively chronicle your special day in pictures.

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

Photo by Photography By KLC

Meet Karina Picache of New England-based OhKarina Photography

I’ve only known the lovely Karina a few months but even without meeting her offline (yet) I already know that she’s a friendly and overall fun person to be around judging by our correspondence, the fact that she has (had?) purple hair, and her delightfully quirky wedding and couple photography! You’ve definitely seen her work around here — remember Dagny and Andrew’s ice cream engagement session + their DIY eco-friendly backyard wedding? Recently, you also saw Amelia & Mike’s Spirals, Ribbons, and Hot Sauce-themed DIY Wedding. A quick look at all of them and you’ll find lots of fantastic photos that show the bride & groom reeeally having fun without being afraid to look adorably silly in front of the camera… and that says a lot about Karina’s photographic style. Yup, she’s awesome at capturing genuine fun and crazy moments, beautifully at that!

If you’re quirky and fun-loving (and I know a lot of you readers are!), I think you’ll find your match in OhKarina. Please enjoy the interview and photos!

* All photos on this page are copyright OhKarina Photography (except where indicated) *

Hello Karina! Please tell us a little bit about your photography business.

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in New England – I bounce back and forth between Boston and NYC frequently. My style is pretty photojournalistic with a lot of candid portraiture thrown in. I love catching moments as they happen, as opposed to staging them, though I can direct when the situation calls for it. I started out in editorial portraiture and picked up journalism, and really, weddings was the best way to incorporate both. Plus, I love to have fun, and weddings are pretty much always fun. At least, the brides who choose me are always fun, haha.

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

Can you tell us about the quirkiest wedding or engagement shoot you’ve photographed?

I’ve had some interesting couples – I love creative, quirky, colorful couples so I think I tend to attract them. Most of my weddings are pretty quirky, mostly because, they’re so THEM. All my couples infuse so much life and color and fun into their day. If I had to choose the quirkiest ENGAGEMENT I’ve shot it’d probably be my food related ones. I had a couple who built ice cream sundaes and fed them to each other, that turned into a big whipped cream war in the backyard (hooray!). I also had a couple who gave away homemade bottles of hot sauce for their wedding, and so we did their engagement shoot during one of their cooking sessions – lots of colorful food and spices. Plus, it led to pepper mustaches and cooking pot hats.

Dagny and Andrew

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

How about the most unusual or unexpected location you’ve shot a wedding at?

I had a guerrilla wedding last year, where the couple pretty much flash mobbed a lake with 30 people, did their ceremony, and scattered, which was pretty fun. I also shot a couple at their uncle’s house in the Berkshires, which ended up being an incredible mansion that they later turned into a venue for weddings and parties.

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

A wedding photography fad you will never follow?

The really retro-faded looking post-processing – and probably over post processing in general, which I feel is getting more and more common. I’m very much truly photojournalistic.

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

Barring budget, logic or reality, what would your dream wedding (to shoot) be like?

Oh man, the possibilities are endless. Really, I think I don’t have a dream wedding I’d love to shoot. As long as the couple made it super them, and the couple themselves are totally my speed, then I’m very much a happy camper. Though I never say no to things like balloons, Chucks, tutus, bunny ears, all that colorful stuff. Throw in a couple burlesque dancers, a ribbon dancer, lots of great uplighting, maybe a pretty circus tent, and I think we’d have a good show.

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

Please name at least 5 songs off your dream wedding / reception playlist

Haha, this is embarrassing. My music taste is kinda poppy and cheesy. Let’s see… “Sweet Child of Mine” for the first dance, ANYTHING except “Here Comes the Bride” for the processional, and then for the reception, literally anything I can jam out to, But throw in “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae and “Your Love is My Drug” by Ke$ha for kicks and giggles :)

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

A book, movie or tv show you’d love to base a styled shoot on?

The Night Circus. I know that fad has come and gone, but I just love that book, it’s beautifully written, and the imagery is so evocative, I would just love to do a styled shoot based on it. Especially with the room with the Ice Garden in it – setting that up and shooting it would just be amazing.

ice cream engagement session

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

Which celebrity or fictional couple’s wedding do you think would be a blast to photograph if you could?

Oh gosh, I’m not even sure. I don’t follow a lot of media. I’m pretty in love with Zooey Deschanel, so I’d love to photograph hers, and she can really quirk it up. There’s a couple model/artist couples out there that I follow too who’d I love to get close to, but I don’t want to seem stalkerish, haha.

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

If you weren’t a photographer now, what would you be?

An illustrator probably. Or a crazy girl with a camera running around the globe and pestering people, trying to find stories.

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

Behind the Lens - OhKarina Photography

I hope you all enjoyed meeting Karina Picache of OhKarina Photography! The fun and quirky images on this page are just a taste of what she can offer!
If you want more info on this talented lady, please visit the following pages:

Instagram: @ohkarinaphoto

* See all our previously featured weddings & shoots by OhKarina Photography
* Meet other featured photographers in our Behind the Lens interview series
* While you’re at it, do check out the site map to browse our real wedding/engagement/styled shoot features by photographer and by location.

Bridesmaid Fashion: Graphic Tees and Maxi Skirts! 3 Ways – Pleats, Polka Dots, and Sequins

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I know the graphic tee and maxi skirt look isn’t at all new but have you funky brides considered the combination as bridal party attire? A gazillion bridesmaids have already donned Chucks, why not go all out with a full-on alternative  / rock and roll ensemble, right? Styled and accessorized accordingly, the combo can look dressy, tasteful and even elegant enough for yes, such an important celebration. Here are a few inspiration boards I put together to help you re-imagine the skirt and tee look for your own wedding. (These looks are great for wedding guests too!)

graphic t-shirt and maxi skirt for bridesmaids

(Photo on right via Fashion Viking)

You can dress up the t-shirt-and-maxi look by choosing a skirt with sheen or fancy detailing such as electric pleating. Add pops of color with accessories to add a dash of fun!

Graphic Tee: Purr, Yes, Purr Tee from ModCloth, $27.99
Maxi Skirt: Sanctuary – Milla Maxi Skirt (Griege) from 6PM, $94.99
Necklace: Catch a Glint Necklace from ModCloth, $29.99
Bag: Big Buddha Fanton from 6PM, $47.99
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman – Notap (Atoani Atoll Aniline) from 6PM, $161.99

graphic tee and long skirt for bridesmaids

(Photo on the right via Threadsence)

For more casual celebrations — like a backyard barbecue perhaps? — a vintage tee with a cute print + a shorter skirt with a fun pattern like polka-dots is an adorable ensemble for your bridal party. For cooler months, just add a cardigan and choose thicker tights.

Graphic Tee: That Yarn Cat Retro Tee from ModCloth, $29.99
Maxi Skirt: Just Dandy Skirt in Navy Dots from ModCloth, $39.99
Necklace: Impatiens are a Virtue in Red from ModCloth, $22.99
Shoes: Kudos Were The Days Heel from ModCloth, $69.99 <— Hurry, 5 pairs left as of this writing!!!
Tights: Tights for Every Occasion in Navy from ModCloth, $14.99

graphic tee and sequin maxi skirt

(Photo on right via Raw Kiss)

The sequin maxi + graphic tank top combination gives the illusion of a sleek and elegant evening gown with a punk rock edge. A word of caution — if you don’t want to be upstaged by your sparkly bridesmaids, wear a sequinned bridal dress too!

Graphic sleeveless tee: Great Cityscape Top from ModCloth, $74.99
Sequin maxi skirt: Calvin Klein – Sequin Maxi Skirt (Deep Sea) from 6PM, $76.99
Necklace: Femme Fatale Necklace from Stella & Dot, $118
Bracelet: Tempest Bracelet from Stella & Dot, $98
Shoes: Calvin Klein – Adella (Black) from 6PM, $114.99

What do you think? Are you willing to let your bridesmaids rock the maxi + graphic tee combination? I’d love to hear your comments!


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Wedding planning advice from real brides: don’t lose sight of what’s important.

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Dear Poptastic Bride readers. let’s take a moment to pray for the victims and their families in the Boston Marathon bombing. I still can’t wrap my head around why such things happen — or why such cruelty exists — in this world. It’s heartbreaking to think of the innocent lives that were lost and hearing about every painful update only makes us want to cherish and hug our loved ones tighter.

In this light, I want to relay a piece of advice that many of the married couples I featured also mentioned: don’t lose sight of what’s important. When planning a wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in all the pretty handmade details. While they also serve to reflect the love between you and your partner, in the end what matters most is that you and your soul mate are wed in the presence of those you care about the most.

I’d also like to share a note from a bride whose colorful and jazzy mardi gras-style wedding (Part 1) / (Part 2)  was featured here half a year ago. If you remember, their wedding’s main theme was “Celebrating Life” as her dad back then had already been diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer.

mardi gras wedding

(Photo by White Rabbit Photo Boutique)

The bride, Jaime sent me this update the other day:

My dad passed away on April 2nd. Our wedding remains one of the best memories from the last year, and one of the clearest. If you get a moment, please reiterate to your readers just how priceless those memories are. In the end, it’s not the fit of the gown, the color scheme, or what you’re having for appetizers — it’s about tying a knot in the rope of life and taking a moment to pause and make irreplaceable memories with the ones that we love.

Thanks for posting our wedding and being part of our special day - even after the fact.

(She also posted a special tribute to her dad on her blog.)

It broke my heart to hear Jaime’s news though knowing that in my own little corner of the www I was able to play a part in making her special day memorable for her and Sean and their families gave me a warm feeling. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Jaime. It was an honor for me to have showcased your sweet celebration on this blog.

Here now are a few more beautiful words of wisdom from our previously featured brides:

ravinia wedding

I am so happy to look back on our wedding and remember all the smiles, the laughter, the love, the fun. We were so lucky to have our families and friends surrounding us, filling us with joy. Nothing’s simple about planning a wedding, but if you can remember to love each other throughout the process, I think it sets the right tone for a lifetime of happiness.

– from Joanne of  Joanne & Drew’s Playful and Artistic Ravinia Wedding (photo by JWiley Photography)


teal and pink wedding

Cherish every moment and remember why you decided to get married in the first place. So many people get caught up in the drama of the day and forget that they are celebrating an amazing love story and they all the people there are helping you continue to create your story. There isn’t anything (at least to me) that makes you feel so alive and so special then when you are staring in our spouse’s eyes and then say I Love You.

– from Alicia of Alicia & Stephen’s Shiny, Sparkly and Spunky Teal and Pink Wedding (photo by Conner Photography)


DIY Riviera Maya Wedding

I would say to future couples considering a destination wedding — DO IT! It was the best decision we made. We have a week full of memories that we will cherish for a long time. It’s not often you get to go on a vacation with so many people you love at once. Also, don’t get caught up in the details of the wedding day. It will all work out, how it’s supposed to! Even if the bows on the chairs are the wrong color or one of the flower girls spill bubble juice all over their new dress! (This happened!) In the end, what matters is that you are expressing your love for your future spouse and making a lifetime loving commitment to him/her in the most beautiful setting.

– from Jenn, from Jenn & Matt’s Intimate Riviera Maya Wedding (photo by Citlalli Rico Photography)


color cuteness and cartoon filled wedding

A friend told me to do this on the day of the wedding and it worked: Pick little moments throughout the day and just say “remember this” in your head. Doing this is like taking little snapshots of the day in your mind. It will go by so fast and it’s easy to forget the little things that made your day what it was.

- from Renee of Renee & Keith’s Color-Cuteness-and-Cartoon-filled Bunny-themed Wedding (photo by Zac Wolf Photography)


funky cool and yellow cam raleigh wedding

I would love to tell brides to take the bold step of focusing on marriage and loving your fiancee more than attempting to make your wedding perfect. Some of the greatest parts of our wedding happened when things did not go according to plan! Take another bold step: put aside what people think and plan your wedding to reflect your heart and what you and your fiancee truly love (no matter how crazy people think you are.)

Also, don’t sweat the small stuff. I know it sounds cliche but you will not care about how amazing the color of the matching linens and chair coverings were one second after you get married. There is a way the wedding industry can have a tendency to make you think you need to buy everything you see to make your day special and it’s not true. Figure out what you love, think for your guests and have a blast while doing it!

Another helpful tip someone passed onto me was this: when you are planning your wedding you need to decide what are the most important things to you and allot your budget accordingly… and be okay to not have everything elaborate. With Philip and myself, I decided venue was super important and food was not as important. The result of this was a fantastic environment with “just enough” food. I also got shoes from Payless and a veil from ebay (that I dyed with teabags to match my dress) so I could spend more on the actual wedding dress. Having a budget is a little tough but it is wise and freeing in the end. And we could not have been more pleased with how everything turned out!

– from Liz of Liz & Philip’s Funky, Cool, and Yellow CAM Raleigh Wedding (photo by Blest Photography)


eclectic anachronistic vintage wedding

Focus on the LOVE!  Be grateful for every single minute and thank everyone you speak to.  It’s a beautiful, amazing, emotional day.  Remember that it is one day and if some detail doesn’t work out JUST so, it’s ok. You will be OK. It might even turn out better than you imagined.  Also, hire people you feel good about because you have to spend time with them.  Who wants weird juju at their wedding? Try to be totally present and conscious for your wedding.  Enjoy it because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have those specific people present to honor and bask in your love.

– from Kenny of Christine & Kenny’s Eclectically Gorgeous Anachronistic Vintage Wedding (photo by Laffler Photography)

You can read through the wedding archives for even more inspiration and planning advice from real-life couples.