Fancy a Katamari themed wedding?

Katamari Damacy Wedding

The first time I read about the Katamari Damacy Wedding via Boingboing last year, I thought that Aidra Frazier and Ernest Leitch are probably the biggest Katamari Damacy fans in the world. And when I saw their wedding photos, I thought they were geniuses to have been able to pull off something like it. It’s a first of its kind in wedding history, and they stayed true to who they are even at their wedding – no matter what people might say.

As for Katamari as a theme – well to be honest I know where they’re coming from since I play the game myself and can attest to how addictive it can be. I just never thought it could be translated to a wedding scenario.

For your information, Katamari Damacy is a  puzzle-action Japanese-invented video game by Namco. In this game, The King of All Cosmos (ruler of this bizarre world) accidentally destroys the stars and constellations while he was drunk. How does he fix this gigantic blunder? He sends his son, the Prince, to earth to roll a magical, very sticky ball called a katamari over objects, collecting them until the ball has grown big enough to become a star.

You can see how the game play goes in the video below.

(All photos of Aidra and Ernest’s wedding are by photographer Kristin Schulz)

Their pretty wedding invite bears a hint of what’s to come.

The bride and groom and everyone in their bridal party was dressed in bright, playful colors. The “signature” Katamari headgear of course almost stole the show.

The Katamari theme was cleverly carried out in everything, from their floral centerpieces, their ring holder, their wedding cake, and even their wedding decor. I’m very impressed with the craftsmanship of these pieces, just take a look at the pics above.

All photos are by Kirsten Schulz Photography. See more of Aidra and Ernest’s Katamari Wedding photos here.

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