Have a lomo wedding

Since we now live in the digital age, it’s quite easy to have access to a million and one photos that will document your big day…  and this is the main reason the lomo camera has gained such amazing popularity in recent years.

The word LOMO is often used to refer to the Lomo LC-A and other LOMO branded consumer cameras but the term can also refer to other plastic toy cameras, such as the Holga and the Diana, whose blurred, vignetted photos have delighted many a hipster.  These toy cameras are also dead simple to use, and like they say in the Lomography website, “don’t think, just shoot” because the best photos come out of spontaneous, extreme and impulsive situations.

In this light, lomo wedding photography has also gotten popular in the past decade, and it’s easy to see why. Just check out all the dreamy, artistic photos  below and on the Lomography website.

If you’re interested in owning a lomo camera, I suggest you start with a Lomographic Holga Starter Kit. I have a trusty Holga 120N myself and it has already traveled to a ton of places with me.

(Images are courtesy of the Lomography website)
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