A wedding bouquet laced with memories

Grandparents' photos on a wedding bouquet

A wedding is made more memorable and meaningful when elements and even people important to the couple are incorporated into the little details. At our wedding, my husband and I made sure to display photographs of our parents’ weddings at the reception lobby, because they are the most important people in our lives and we wanted to say we love them in a way that mere words won’t be able to.

In the photo above, Dwight and Janis of Vancouver included black & white photos of their grandparents on her bouquet. I thought it was a beautiful way of paying respect to their families and at the same time it subtly added a stylish vintage-y feel to the bouquet that matches the rest of their motif. But more importantly, it’s a powerful personal stamp that adds more substance and purpose to a momentous occasion.

The gorgeous photo is courtesy of Vancouver-based Pelaez Photography. See more of their photos on their journal.

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