Alternative love song for the week: Hearts by Blair

Hearts” by indie singer-songwriter Blair (from her debut album Die Young, released in January of this year) has been playing in my head all week so I thought of sharing it with you. It’s not a “declaration of love” kind of love song but it explores the ups and downs of it.

Hearts…. something to love
something to break.

Blair’s vocals are breathtaking enough to make you want to listen to the song over and over again. When she opens her mouth to sing “My heart yearns and my heart aches…” you can’t help but believe her and crank up the volume to take in more of her fragile vocals (think Feist), the fuzzy guitars, the 80s-style synths, and the beautiful, dreamy melody.

Listen to the suh-weet album version:

… or watch the live performance below.

Blair - "Hearts" from DUKE STREET on Vimeo.

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