How to make a ribbon bouquet

ribbon bouquet I found this great tutorial for making wedding bouquets completely out of ribbons on BurdaStyle and so of course I thought of sharing it with all of you here.

A ribbon bouquet is  a unique alternative to real flower bouquets and they’re not as expensive too. It’s also not as cheap-looking as a silk flower bouquet because it looks intentionally non-floral, and the fact that you gave an effort to actually make your own bouquet makes it far more special.

To make a ribbon bouquet, you will need:

ribbons or fabric strips, as many as you like
embroidery needle
sewing thread
– wire or floral tape (optional)

Full step-by-step instructions with photos can be found at BurdaStyle.

(Photo courtesy of BurdaStyle)

Tips for making your ribbon bouquet look elegant and classy:
1. Use a combination of two to three different ribbon widths in complementary or related hues to add contrast and texture.
2. Choose colors that look natural and subdued. Artificial colors like bright blue and neon green will just make it look tacky.
3. Make a lot of flowers to form a thick and lush bouquet.
4. Bunch up the blooms together with ribbons in your color motif.

More ideas:
1. You can make an extra big ribbon flower to use as a hair accessory.
2.  Little girls in your bridal party can carry these ribbon blooms in buckets.
3. If you have a lot of time, you can give single ribbon blooms as wedding favors to your female gifts. Attach a pin at the back of each one to make a unique, handmade brooch.

Don’t worry about making the bouquets look too polished and perfect. There’s nothing quite as charming as handmade wedding paraphernalia because, unlike those that you can buy commercially, the imperfections will make it all the more personal and one-of-a-kind.


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