Lamp-in-a-box table centerpieces

lamp in a box

Flowers for the bridal party has always been a tradition at weddings for decades, but many brides are now rethinking whether they also want to spend hundreds of dollars on floral centerpieces for the reception. I don’t blame them — these expensive centerpieces will only be reduced to a sorry, wilted mess a few hours after the last guest has gone.

A unique and inexpensive alternative for a table centerpiece at a non-traditional wedding would be… not candles, no, but a lamp. Especially the unique and modern lamps at They have really cool designs from vintage prints and sceneries to hip, pop culture graphics like robots and Marvel superheroes  (if you’re into that, why not?). See my picks below:

Skull Flowers Shade
This Skull Flowers Shade design is perfect for Rock and Roll Themed Weddings.

Robotluv Drama Shade
How about a Robotluv Drama Shade for an indie / hipster wedding?

Birds & Bees Shade
This cute Birds & Bees Shade design will really pop at a wedding with a spring theme.

Florence Hotel Shade
This vintage Florence Hotel Shade print will look fantastic in an old world wedding scheme.

Lamps are 21″ tall. All Lamp-In-A-Box shades are cylindrical, 7” in diameter and 9” tall, and Lamp-In-A-Box shades can be purchased separately.
All shades are made of eco-friendly 100% biodegradable plastic.

After the wedding, you can opt to give the lamps as gifts to your bridal party or keep them for yourself in your new home.

Get more lamps for Bruce Lee, Barbie, Marvel Comics, Photography, and artists at Lamp-In-A-Box.

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