Beautiful origami accessories for the bride

Hand-crafted wedding details will definitely bring a personal touch to your  special day and what can be cooler than wearing  origami jewelry with your wedding gown? Yes, jewelry made of paper! You can either make your own origami accessories or buy them ready-made from Etsy stores. I’ve compiled a selection of beautiful and unique handmade gems that are elegant and dressy enough for your big day.

Origami leaf and dragonfly drop necklace from Handmade Haven

Origami star and filigree earrings from Handmade Haven

Origami Rose Necklace and Earrings Set from Bricabraca

Vintage style orgami and filigree flower necklace from Handmade Haven

Origami Flower Necklace from Handmade Haven

Origami orchid cup earrings from Handmade Haven

Origami and brass cap necklace – Kangaroo style from Handmade Haven

Origami Crane Earrings from theflyingcrane10

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