Make your own invitations with a Print Gocco

(photo shared by Sarah Parrott via Creative Commons on Flickr)

The Print Gocco is a small, compact Japan-made contraption used for DIY screen printing whose portability, ease of use, and near-extinct status has made it kind of a cult phenomenon among crafters, DIY artists, and hobbyists all over the world. I say near-extinct because Riso, the company that manufactures the Gocco in Japan has decided to halt production for the product and its supplies forever but all-out support for saving the Gocco has been rampant enough to keep it alive (for now).

Fortunately, some Gocco models are still available online and if you’re lucky enough to have one, there are ways to keep using your Gocco despite the limited availability of supplies. (If you find the procedure described there too time consuming, there’s always trusty old eBay for great deals on Gocco equipment).

Because I like looking at pretty things (and so do you, I presume), I combed the Gocco Flickr group for delightful handmade wedding invitations and other bridal paraphernalia that were produced with the little printer. See what you can do with a Gocco below:

(photo shared by Sarah Parrott via Creative Commons on Flickr)

(photo shared by elissabetha via Creative Commons on Flickr)

(photo shared by eggiepooh via Creative Commons on Flickr)

(photo shared by MissNatalie via Creative Commons on Flickr)

(photo shared by UglyKitty via Creative Commons on Flickr)

So what do you think? Is the Print Gocco worth saving? Share your thoughts with us!

See more delicious Gocco designs on Flickr.

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