Indie song for the week: Is he really coming home? by The School

is he really coming home by the school

Our featured indie song for the week — well actually, it’s been on the sidebar since last week, I just forgot to mention it (oops!) — is a sweet, delightful tune titled “Is He Really Coming Home?” by indie pop band The School. The track is in their debut release Loveless Unbeliever.

Is he really coming home?
I cross my fingers and my toes
Is he really coming back, coming back for me?

Alright, I wouldn’t say it’s a love song but I wanted to share it with you because I’ve been featuring a lot of retro fashion lately and as you will see below, the Tom Readdy-directed┬ávideo oozes with an undeniable Sixties charm, both visually and aurally. (Check out the girls’ darling 60s outfits). That, plus I’m a sucker for girl group harmonies and winsome, tambourine-and-xylophone-infused melodies.

If you are planning a retro or vintage wedding, be sure to include this song on your playlist.

Hit play and enjoy!


Download it and the entire 13-track album for free from eMusic now — I already did and I don’t regret it one bit! (Do a search for “Loveless Unbeliever”)

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Produced by Ian Catt (Saint Etienne, Trembling Blue Stars, The Field Mice) The School’s songs, with their hummable choruses, their doodoo-wops and imaginative Spector-esque arrangements show the same sense of melody as the 60s girl-group greats but updated with an impressive pop vision & elegance inherent in the best pop. (Source: Amazon)

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