Cool wedding song for the week: Up in the Clouds by Darwin Deez

darwin deez up in the clouds This week’s indie love song is Up In The Clouds, a track from Darwin Deez’ self-titled debut album whose music has been described as “a determinedly lo-fi blend of puttering drum machines, snappy guitar riffs and lovelorn whimsy“. I obviously don’t know much about this artist yet – a friend sent me a mix and this track stood out — but from what I’ve heard so far, I think I like his brand of music. Have a listen:

Pretty fantastic, yes? Wait ’til you see him perform it (caution: campy dance moves in da house)


The lyrics, straight from his official site:

up in the clouds
we used to walk up in the sky, up where the air is rarified
went hand in hand from cloud to cloud, but when i slipped up we fell out
and i’m sorry i let you down
down to the ground
but who cares now?

we could be up in the clouds

dizzy from lack of oxygen or from the mood you put me in…?
up in the cloudy stratosphere, gravity’s weaker when you’re near

(pre chorus)

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