Indie Love Song for the Week: Perfect in My Mind by Gold Motel

Perfect in My Mind by The Gold Motel

Image is a screenshot from the track’s official music video (embedded below)

Those familiar with the Chicago jangle-pop band The Hush Sound (currently on hiatus) will be pleased to know that vocalist Greta Morgan now fronts newish indie rock act Gold Motel whose music sounds like “ice cream melting in the sun“. Indeed it does. Their self-titled EP is a delightful collection of happy, sunny pop reminiscent of 60s girl band harmonies that instantly bring images of polaroid-tinted childhood summers to mind.

If you are planning a retro or vintage themed wedding, including this song in your reception playlist is a must! (In my humble opinion, at least. :))

Morgan’s songwriting is ace as always. Take Perfect in My Mind‘s lyrics:

I don’t have forever, but I’ll live like I do
Feels like endless summer with the light shining through
All I have is borrowed, my skin and my bones
All I have is borrowed, but I wear these summer clothes


Every thing is just fine
Every thing is just fine
So long as I’m by your side
It’s perfect in my mind

Now listen to it:

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  1. Such a charming tune!

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