An extraordinary DIY steampunk masquerade wedding

All images courtesy of Tinywater Photography

I wasn’t supposed to blog about this until tomorrow but I just couldn’t wait to share these amazing steampunk wedding photos with you as soon as I got the kind permission of Caroline from Napa & San Francisco based Tinywater Photography.

From the Tinywater blog:

Violet and Eric were our amazing Steampunk Wedding couple that finally did the deed at San Francisco’s Verdi Club and put the whole amazing production together. Complete with a dramatic 5 minute ceremony where the band was playing “The Final Countdown” and the bridesmaid pulls out a gun at our officiant to hurry him up! Little did their guests know how much fun the night was doing to be when they were invited to “a raucous celebration of our nuptials.”

The beautiful photos indeed show how fun the celebration went and how astounding the couple’s creativity and attention to detail was.

The bride, Violet, wore a gorgeous purple striped vintage style Victorian bustle jacket and skirt ensemble which she accessorized with steampunk jewelry (natch) and super funky awesome purple boots. Her headpiece is made up of  vintage WWII Swedish glacier goggles from a local army surplus store decorated with felt flowers. She also carried a cute little handmade bouquet made of felt flowers, vintage buttons & handmade glass buttons that perfectly matched the color motif.

Meanwhile Eric wore a Victorian gentlemen’s outfit complete with a frock coat and a top hat. Goggles on the hat, a purple tie with clockwork and machinery graphics, and a matching DIY felt flower corsage completed the groom’s steampunk look. Custom made posters that reflected the mood of the era decorated the venue.

The party was a masquerade and so the wedding party and all the guests gamely came wearing masks while rocking their steampunk best.

The guests partied all night on the dance floor and in the photobooth.

What a truly extraordinary wedding! Congratulations Violet and Eric and thank you once again to Caroline of Tinywater for allowing me to share these gorgeous photos to readers of Poptastic Bride. Visit the Tinywater blog to see more photos.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Verdi Club in San Francisco
Catering: Verdi Club
Cakes: Verdi Club
Bouquets, Corsages and Boutonnieres: Diy (felt, vintage buttons & handmade glass buttons from Mary Barron)
Corset: Dianna DiNoble of Starkers!
Skirt and bustle jacket: Kambriel
Headpiece: vintage WWII Swedish glacier goggles from a local army surplus store decorated with more felt flowers
Necklace: Goddess Joy Designs
Groom & Groomsmen outfits: The Gentleman’s Emporium
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  1. TRES COOL! This is amazing, thank you so much for sharing it. I love, love, love the deep purple. Steampunk is my new favorite wedding trend and I’ve been touting it’s wonderfulness as well: Great post!

  2. Hi Carol! Violet and Eric sure pulled off the steampunk theme really well, didn’t they? Thank you for stopping by and sharing your article. 🙂

  3. Wot this is amazing!! SO unique and fun x


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