Creative Accessories for Funky Brides from Coo-koo-ri-koo

If you’re looking for something fun and different to wear on your wedding day, here’s a store worth checking out.  Coo-koo-ri-koo sells creative accessories such as vintage repurposed rings & brooches and yoyo fabric necklaces, earrings, barrettes, fascinators and more!

Looking for that perfect “something blue”? Check these out:

Plumage Yo-yo and Lace Fascinator – one of a kind, $20

Swimming Pool Ring, $15

Star Stuff Yo-Yo necklace, $37

Aurora Borealis Silk Yo-yo Earrings, $20

Coo-koo-ri-koo is run by the talented and crafty Shanalee Hampton who, incidentally, was a funky bride herself. She got married in a blue wedding dress ten years ago, way back when offbeat weddings weren’t commonplace, and so of course it caused quite a ruckus. Flash forward to the future, she is now making accessories for you funky brides who are reading this feature.

Shanalee was kind enough to answer some questions:

What got you into creating funky accessories?
I started making accessories as gifts for friends and it just kind of spiraled from there. They would wear them, get compliments and orders started coming in… it was all kind of a happy accident.

Do you do custom work for wedding parties?
This season I’d done mini-fascinators & barrettes for entire bridal parties, brooches for bridesmaids ribbon sashes, a few veiled headpieces for brides and coordinating yoyo necklace… I’m waiting for pictures from most since the weddings were this spring or are upcoming. I’ve also had a number of brides or their friends buy blue rings to use as their “something blue.”  Here’s my favorite picture.

Name three of your favorite or most sellable items.
This is my most popular necklace. I’ve sold hundreds and I did variations on it for three bridesmaids in April. The bride’s colors were grey and yellow.

yoyo necklace
Partly Sunny Yo-yo Necklace, $34

I’ve also sold a number of these to brides although most were just wearing it for their reception and not to the actual ceremony. I can make it in a number of other colors.

Mrs. Peacock Silk Yo-yo and Feather Fascinator, $65

I also sell tons of these for bridesmaids!

Lily Silk Yo-yo Barrette, $18

Thanks again Shanalee for sharing your creations with us!

Visit Coo-koo-ri-koo to see more.

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  1. Great stuff! loving the teal finds!

  2. Hi Lizzie! Thanks, and yes she has a lot of great stuff in her store. Makes me wish I was a bride once again! 🙂

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