Handmade wedding accessories by Rosy Posy Designs

Purple Periwinkle Lavendar Floral Statement Bib Necklace, $74 from Rosy Posy Designs

If you’re a longtime Poptastic Bride reader, you already know that I applaud all things handmade – especially if they can easily replace wedding elements that are otherwise impractical and *gasp* expensive, like using non-flower bouquets instead of fresh blooms, for instance. The “green” benefit of having upcycled wedding paraphernalia is of course an added bonus.

This is why I am thrilled to present to you today’s featured vendor, Rosy Posy Designs and their pretty, one-of-a-kind handmade fabric floral fashion accessories. Rosy Posy’s Kristen Lee who was a funky bride herself (see her wedding pic below!) was kind enough to answer a few questions about her creative venture.

Please tell us more about the beginnings of Rosy Posy Designs. How did you get the idea of making fabric floral accessories?
KL: I tend to focus on one little thing, and go big from there, My own wedding was completely envisioned based on a single photograph I had seen in an old French style book of a woman from the 1920’s. I fell in love with the whole vibe in that one photo…the mood, the dress, and the most fabulous hat I had ever seen. A designer friend recreated the dress for me, in red silk (“claret” red to be exact :), and I had a milliner recreate that fabulous hat.

Kristen’s Wedding Photo

KL: Rosy Posy Designs had a similar beginning. It all started from one small button box I had inherited from my grandmother. I spent so much time looking at all of the gorgeous, sparkly treasures this box held…buttons from the 1920’s, antique brooches, pieces of lost jewels. They just needed to be resurrected and put onto something new and beautiful so they could be admired again. I have always loved embellished millinery design, and looked to French flower making for inspiration. I started to play around with fabrics, jewels and buttons I had. I love how the textiles, vintage buttons and jewelry suprise me in their transformations as I work with them.

Colorful Summer Garden Floral Pearl Headband, $30

Can you tell us more about your custom bridal work process?
KL: I am new to working with brides, having just recently been contacted by several women via my new Etsy shop. I have no finished pieces to show as of yet, but most ideas have come from something they have seen in my shop, and a desire to do something similar in their colors or themes. Although the pieces in my shop are one of a kind, I can make something similar for them based on something they see in my shop that sparks an idea.  Wish I had some great wedding shots for you to post. I have attached photos of some of my favorite pieces.

Beachy Blues Seafoam Greens Floral Statement Necklace, $74

Colorful Floral Butterfly Corsage Brooch Pin, $35

Ivory Lace Rhinestone Button Floral French Barrette (SOLD)

KL: I absolutely love collaborating with couples on their visions for their wedding day. They are so creative and have wonderful stories and “out of the box” ideas. One bride has asked if I could incorporate a beautiful small brooch that had been her grandmother’s, to be the centerpiece bloom in a floral statement style necklace. Another bride has been in touch with me to design Rosy Posy necklaces for all of her bridesmaids, and another would like me to make corsage pins for her bridesmaids dresses. I have just started to make smaller statement style floral necklaces that are perfect for younger bridesmaids and flower girls. My customers have expressed that they love how my accessories are an everlasting gift…something to always keep, and wear again, as a memory of the special day. They have all been interested in wonderful displays of color…as I say in my descriptions of my designs…who says a bride has to be dressed head to toe in white!!!

Rainbow Floral Bouquet Bib Statement Necklace, $74

Please show us three of your favorite Rosy Posy products.
KL: Rosy Posy pins are so versatile. My customers have given great feedback on creative ways they have displayed and worn them. You can pin them on  on favorite hat, and a pretty pashmina, jazz up a favorite purse; pin it on headbands and hats. Dress up a belt or sash or a piece of jewelry. Some of our buyers have pinned their Rosy Posy pins on a funky lampshade, or on a cozy pillow and even used them as curtain tie backs.

Lavender Silk Flower Corsage Pin (SOLD)

Black and Yellow Floral Pin Corsage Brooch, $35

KL: The floral bib statement necklaces are my favorite to make. I have the opportunity to put a lot of texture, patterns and jewels in them. They are also very versatile…perfect for a dressy occassion, but also look really fun with a simple, casual outfit.

Yellow, Taupe and Green Floral Bib Statement Necklace, $74

Sweet Rosy Pink Floral Bib Statement Necklace, $52

KL: I am excited to add to my collection of accessories. I have been working on funky headbands, French barettes, and coming soon…more hair accessories, cuff bracelets, and floral belts and sashes.

Light Pink Flower Garden French Barrette Large, $28

Golden Yellow Flower Hair Fascinator Headband, $30

Funky headband by Rosy Posy

Thank you so much Kristen for giving us an in-depth look at your collection and work process!

If you want to see more of Kristen’s lovely designs, head on over to the Rosy Posy Design’s shop on Etsy and stay tuned to her and daughter Tasha’s product updates on the Rosy Posy blog.

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  1. These flowers are darling! Love the texture and how the fabric is different for each petal.

  2. I know! I just love her work. You can tell that Kristen works extra hard to make each and every piece special. 🙂

  3. very cool designs!i love it!

  4. These pieces are so special and so unique — Kristen is such a talented designer who clearly puts her heart and soul into each little work of art.

  5. Excellent collection of wedding accessories! I loved them all, beautiful in terms of their texture and fabric. Its really a great piece of art.These wedding accessories can be used in a variety of ways.

  6. Oh my god these handmade wedding accessories are so unique and beautiful. I loved them all I must say that the designer is so talented and creative. Great work !

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