Non-Traditional Handmade Wedding Cake Toppers

This cake is topped with a Custom Wooden Star House Tree with Personalized Plus Heart Topper, $42.00 from Star House

Since you’re reading Poptastic Bride, it’s a given that those generic ceramic wedding cake toppers just won’t do for you, am I right? This is why I scoured various online sources for whimsical handmade and unique wedding cake toppers, all of which can be customized to suit your themed wedding. (And nope, there are none of those ubiquitous Precious Moments, or *gasp* Bobblehead toppers, on this list).

Because of the love and craftsmanship that go into these works of art, I believe they will truly make beautiful and meaningful keepsakes of your wedding day. Enjoy looking through my selection below because I sure did have fun sourcing them out!

(Not Your Traditional) Bride and Groom Cake Toppers

Star House has adorable, lovingly-crafted wooden toppers that would make lovely decorative elements for your future home. There are of course options to customise the toppers to look like the bride and groom.

Custom Wooden Star House Wedding Toppers, $125.00 from Star House

Custom Wooden Star House Wedding Toppers with Pets, $175.00 from Star House

I also absolutely love these cake toppers by Lace Rubbish. Their dolls exude a cool indie vibe that I’m pretty sure stylish hipster couples will identify with.

Custom Garden of Love Wedding Cake Topper, $115 from Lace Rubbish

Custom Love in the Library Wedding Cake Topper, $95 from Lace Rubbish

These cute wooden Kokeshi doll-style wooden toppers by Lollipop Workshop also caught my eye. I like that the faces, skin color, hair and other features of the toppers can be customized in a pleasant, cartoony fashion to resemble the bride and groom.

Custom Wedding Cake Topper with Arch, $150 from Lollipop Workshop

Custom Beach Wedding Cake Topper, $125 from Lollipop Workshop

Etsy store Together Forever also sells Kokeshi doll-style wooden toppers that can be customized to resemble the bride and groom. I love the details they incorporate into the dolls (check out the bride’s dress below). Their designs also have a very retro look about them which makes them perfectly suited for vintage weddings.

Handmade Keepsake Wedding Topper, $180 from Together Forever

Handmade Keepsake Wedding Topper with Fall Tree Backdrop, $180 from Together Forever

These toppers by Weddings and Wire demonstrate the creative use of silver wire and enamel and the result is a work of art you can keep for years beyond your wedding day.

Dragonfly Wedding Cake Topper, $160 from Weddings and Wire

Lifted by Balloons, Pulled by Doves, Fully Customized Wedding Cake Topper, $350 from Weddings and Wire

An Assortment of Cute Animal Themed Toppers

If bride and groom toppers aren’t your thing, here are cute little creatures you can decorate your cake with.

Custom Wooden Star House Rainbow with Sweetheart and Tweet Pair, $68.00 from Star House

Love Owls With Tree, $160 from Kikuike

Custom Wooden Star House Personalized Sweetheart Tree and Love Bird Pair, $60.00 from Star House

Bride and Groom Giraffes, $75 from Bunny with a Tool Belt

Love Lobsters Cake Topper, $120 from Kikuike

Bride and Groom Bunny Toppers, $75 from Bunny with a Tool Belt

Hand-sculpted Love Birds Tree with Nest, $170 from Red Light Studio

Robots, Monsters and other Creatures

Themed cakes or toppers can provide a nice finishing touch to theme weddings so whether you’re planning a steampunk wedding or a sci-fi / fantasy celebration, here are toppers to choose from.

Elegant Robot Couple Wedding Cake Topper, $159 from Builders Studio

Mr. and Mrs. Roboto, $85 from Bunny with a Tool Belt

Bride and Groom Monsters, $75 from Bunny with a Tool Belt

Hipsters Get Hitched, $75 from Bunny with a Tool Belt

That’s all for now. If I find more, I will make sure to share them with you!

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  1. these are fantastic, was just researching for a post and found some but yours are way better! well done, so cute

  2. Thanks Naoise! So glad you liked the selection – I had fun researching for this post. Looking forward to reading about the ones you found! 🙂

  3. I love the ones that look like they’re from little BIG planet and the giraffes…and the robots…and the birds…great finds!

  4. The Custom Garden Of Love wedding toppers are my favorite!

  5. Hey Lizzie! Speaking of LBP, I blogged about funky wedding cakes sometime ago. One of them was inspired by Little Big Planet and the topper had a knitted sackboy and sackgir. 🙂

  6. Thanks for letting me know Cynthia! Checking it out now!

  7. The star house toppers are amazing!

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