Incredible wedding photography and design by Steep Street

All photos on this entry are published with the permission of Steep Street

One thing I love about running a wedding blog is that I get to meet and discover some really amazing people who are positively brimming with creativity, whether they’re couturiers, accessory crafters, videographers, photographers, graphic designers, and even fellow bloggers. One such incredibly talented person is Kelty Luber of Portland, Oregon-based Steep Street who takes enchanting engagement and wedding photos

…and then transforms them into stunning printed works of art.

Detail from a custom designed mix CD favor

Bookmark favors

Page from a wedding album

Kelty says she has been taking pictures all her life but realized recently that it’s too much fun to not do every day. She offers creative services that skirts the norm, including “a diorama of your life, a quirky pop-up invitation, a throw pillow of your cat, an underwater photo shoot, a mixed-media website, a stop motion movie, or take pictures of all of the shoes in your closet for your personal stationery”.

Mailable cards from Steep Street’s Etsy store. You can hire Kelty to make your stationery something personal, with photos of you or your things.

I had the pleasure of asking Kelty a few questions about her experience working on weddings so far.

You excel in both photography and design. Which came first and when did you start offering both to wedding clients?

KL: I’ve been doing both photography and art/design for as long as I remember… they’re connected in a lot of ways for me and I’m not sure I could ever just do one! I only began shooting weddings and designing for brides and grooms last September, so everything is still pretty new…

Tell us more about your work process. How long does it usually take from conception to delivery of the final product?
KL: A project can take anywhere from a day to a month depending on the complexity or scope of the project. I like to chat with my client first about what they’re expecting, their style, and their inspirations. That way I get a good sense of what they’re expecting and can design in a personal way. I do the custom work, throw them a comp, and we go from there if there needs to be edits or tweaks!

Please share with us three of your favorite projects.
KL: My three favorite projects are as follows:

a. with my sister and her husband- I did their bach party invite and also love the work I did for their cd wedding favor collages! I used photos of them that I took and also scanned in elements like my painting, tearouts fro magazines, textures and other photographs.

b. with my friends Jeff and Stacey– we did an underwater shoot and then I turned the photos into an accordion invite!

c. with my sister hannah’s in-laws for their 40th wedding anniversary party. I’m going to post them next week, but they’re all kinds of vintage deliciousness… we used a photo from their wedding day and created a little travel-inspired scene from their photo albums and other props for the cover. (Tune in to Kelty’s blog to see this project when she posts about it next week!)

After seeing all that yummy eye candy, you must be wondering about what drives her to come up with such arresting visuals. Thankfully she readily shares her inspiration on Meet Kelty:  “Old movies, rummage sales, barcelona, genuine people, jasmine and jade plants, sunshine naps, creative collaboration, beer at the movies, mossy things, mystery novels, my twin sister, open water, patchwork quilts, languages and accents, my incredibly silly family, tomato plants, reading aloud, real mail, your story, your life, and your crazy ideas.”

If you would like for Steep Street to photograph and design funky custom wedding paraphernalia for you, go say hey.

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work with Poptastic Bride, Kelty! Keep being an inspiration to many of us. 🙂

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  1. Oh man. I have been LOVING Steep Street. Great feature.

  2. I love the save-the-date and bookmark idea! Really amazing underwater shots.

  3. Lizzie, thanks 🙂 She’s been on my watch list for weeks now, I’m glad you liked the feature!

    Liz, I know right? Kelty’s such a talented photographer/artist. 🙂

  4. i LOVE the save the date cards. SO creative!! and the albums look far more entertaining and fun than the traditional albums. great stuff! thanks for sharing.

  5. We love the idea of transforming the photos into art! They’re all so adorable, especially the CD colleague covers.

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