Handmade Wood Creations by Splattered With Paint

Sara Gindhart, a recent bride who just happens to be a power tools enthusiast had so much fun creating wooden decor for her own special day that she realized it would be the ultimate dream to be able to create for the weddings of other brides who are into non-traditional wedding decor ideas. Thus began her Etsy endeavor:  a darling little shop called Splattered With Paint.

Unique wooden decor ideas for weddings

Splattered with paint specializes in wooden engraved wedding signs, engraved table numbers, 3-D wooden favors and other items that are great for rustic, garden or destination wedding themes.  Check out some of Sara’s creations:

engraved wooden table signs for weddings

Engraved wooden table signs for the bride and groom

The lazy heart Mr. & Mrs. place signs for the reception table, which can also be changed to table numbers or simply monogrammed as a gift are popular with brides & grooms at the moment.

Custom Wooden Wedding Signs

Custom Wooden Wedding Sign

Sara was generous enough to tell me how her brainchild came about:

Splattered With Paint first came into view about four years ago when I walked into a pet store and made eye contact with the sweetest, most starved looking puppy I’d ever seen in such a situation.  I put my hand upon the glass for a bit and immediately named her Lola.  Two weeks later, after singing the song until it was rather annoying to everyone, and my roommate, I went back and picked her up.

Around the same time I was starting to get interested in power tools.  Painting the bedroom?  Lola’s there on the drop cloth sleeping.  Sanding mobile figures?  Lola’s leaning against my leg, completely covered in sawdust.  Whatever it was, Lola was either covered in dust, or had inadvertently painted some part of herself.  Right now she has a few green spots on her right ear that I’m still trying to get out.  And because I love a good project, and Lola loves to supervise, she will probably get splattered with paint for a good long while…

In 2010 I became engaged and married to the most genuine, caring, and inspiring man I’d ever met.  I remember the look on his face when I told him I thought we should make our own wedding favors and that I’d worked out the design.  I got that look a lot during the planning process, as I wanted to add as much of who I’ve become to the day.

hand-made wooden wedding favors and decor

So in January, after all the excitement of a planning the wedding was gone I realized that I had so much fun creating all the little things for my own special day that I would be happy as a clam if I could help other brides (with Lola supervising, of course).

(Don’t worry because you will get to see more of Sara’s wedding in the coming days! It deserves a separate entry, don’t you think? Please stay tuned for it.)

Sara has three very specific goals for Splattered With Paint

1.  To do what she loves and  to embrace the oddity
2. Create unique wedding decor that can be totally customized for any bride and is reasonably priced.
3.  To be able to transmit the love and care she has  in creating each piece into something tangible – to add to the love and care present in the celebration of marriage.

Some more of Sara’s creative wedding wooden decor:

engraved wedding table numbers

"Love" Engraved Wooden Table Number

wooden fish-shaped favors

Wooden Fish Favors for a Beach Wedding

There’s more where these lovely and unique wood creations came from. If you want wedding decor that’s definitely different and out-of-the-box, visit Splattered With Paint’s shop to see the rest of her gorgeous woodwork.

And because she was a bride just recently, I asked Sara to dish out advice for those of you who are in the thick of planning your weddings:

As soon as I got engaged, a good friend sat me down and explained how there’s this whole unseen nature surrounding weddings and wedding planning.  The stress, the mood swings, the whole “bridezilla” stigma, is all a part of it.  So if you ever feel like you’re slipping into the negative aspects and aren’t yourself, step back, take a breather and know that everything will be alright and that everything will work out exactly like it’s supposed to.  When I was overwhelmed, my amazing husband helped my amazing mom with the planning. And while I still spontaneously combusted into tears at the oddest of moments, or had to apologize (several times) for being obnoxious to my mom, or admitting that she was right, I realized that all the little things didn’t matter.  All that mattered was that I got to make a mark, that I join with this incredible man in pure love, the kind that feels likes every cell in your being is smiling.

And if you’re reading this, Steph, I hope I didn’t butcher this gem you gave me too much!

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  1. I’m really glad to see her work here! I recently became aware of Sara’s shop and love it!!! Super cute and so many possibilities. Go get ’em Sara!

  2. Hi Krissy, it was a pleasure to feature Sara and her creative woodwork! 🙂


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