Sweet Child O’ Mine by Taken by Trees: Indie Love Song for the Week

If you were already around in the 80s for sure you’re familiar with this great Guns ‘n’ Roses love song. Did you know that it started out as a joke? Sometime in 1987, guitarist Slash was goofing around at rehearsals and started playing the riff as a joke. Vocalist Axl Rose couldn’t help but write down lyrics dedicated to his then girlfriend Erin Everly. The whole band jammed and the song was done in five minutes. Whodathunk it was gonna be one of the most recognizable rock love songs ever?

Fast forward to many years and many covers later. In 2008, indie pop artist Victoria Bergman a.k.a. Taken by Trees did an amazing, sleepy yet very sweet version of Sweet Child o’ Mine and so, in honor of Valentine season, I thought I’d share it here with you (if you haven’t heard it yet, that is).

Just hearing that distinct and catchy opening riff — played on the piano this time — takes me away to that special place, and if I stare too long I’ll probably break down and cry. (HAH! Sorry, couldn’t help it. :))

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