Indie wedding song: Beautiful Day by The Melody

kpop the melody beautiful day I have been listening to a lot of Asian indie rock these days so this week’s cool wedding song is Beautiful Day by The Melody, a Korean indie pop/rock band. For those who don’t understand the language (me included), this song might seem like a strange choice but please do give the lovely tune a listen.  Music is universal after all. 🙂


There are English bits in it and some words I can make out are “it’s a beautiful day” and “we belong together”. Coupled with singer Taru’s soft, breathy vocals, the rolling drum beats that build up in the chorus, and the pretty melody, it promises to be a great addition to your wedding tracklist.

The Melody has since disbanded but don’t let that stop you from appreciating their music. Their debut album The Melody Vol. 1 is full of cheerful uplifting tunes, catchy rhythms and stay-in-your-head melodies and is in fact my favorite K-indie album.

The Melody Vol.1 can be purchased globally from YesAsia. US-based buyers can purchase it from here.

*If you liked what you heard, listen to music by other Korean Indie Rock bands in my K-indie music primer.

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