Cool Love Song of the Week: Baby Love Child by P5

made in USA Pizzicato Five Before anything, I would like to send out some love to the people of Japan – especially those whose lives were affected by the massive earthquake and tsunami. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Japanese pop culture has always had a huge impact in mine and my family’s life and I am not ashamed to admit that right beside my collection of obscure rock tunes by hipper-than-hip indie artists lie a secret stash of fun, colorful and *ahem* extremely mainstream J-POP.

Akanishi Jin’s  new single “Eternal”? Tomohisa Yamashita’s solo effort “Supergood Superbad”? Arashi’s latest single “Lotus”? All of Hikki’s (that’s Utada Hikaru to you) albums? Name it, I have it.

The song I have chosen for this week’s cool love song sways more towards the indie persuasion though. It’s actually one of my favorite tunes of all time by shibuya-kei (now-disbanded) super group Pizzicato Five, titled “Baby Love Child”.

If you’re new to P5’s music, don’t worry because they sing most of their songs in English (or should I say Engrish). Listen to the catchy melody below. The song showcases a tender side of the awesome Maki Nomiya’s beautiful vocals:

This song is from their 1994 album Made in Usa

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