Floral Pops and Garden Bonbons: alternative bridal bouquet and wedding favors

If you like the unexpected, Anne Dowell creates alternative bridal bouquets and wedding favors.

How alternative are they?

Floral Pops - Unwrap, add soil, sun, and water and watch your garden grow

Well Floral Pops are bouquets composed of a dozen paper flowers made to look just like roses but they won’t wilt within the week after your wedding. The roses contain a seed ball that you can plant indoors (or out) to bring months of culinary herbs into your kitchen! Awesome idea, eco-friendly too. More information about the Floral Pops from Anne:

This centuries-old technique combining organic compost, clay, and seeds is presented as a bouquet of a dozen roses in a modern vase that produces basil, garlic chives, and parsley plants.   Simply find a sunny spot, remove the ribbons and paper petals, and fully depress the stem into the soil. Water generously until germination and divide if you wish.

Meanwhile, Garden Bonbons are presented in a box to look like candy although they’re not for eating… they’re for planting!

Garden Bon Bons – Herbal Tea Selection

These  garden truffles are handcrafted bon bon balls of clay, organic compost and seed, presented to your guests like chocolate. Just warn them that these aren’t meant to be eaten!

All Garden Bon Bons are hand-made using a centuries-old technique of rolling seeds with rich organic compost and clay into a ball. The compost provides nutrients and the clay protects the seeds from insects. There is about a packet-worth of seed in each Bon Bon. We present our unique seed balls as special garden truffles, a different shape for each seed – and have dusted some with natural pesticides like ground coffee and cinnamon.

Garden Pops - Gourmet Seed Ball Lollipops

Garden Pops - Gourmet Seed Ball Lollipops

They also come in fun lollipop form. (Again, warn your recipient that these bonbons aren’t for eating!)

All of these items are available through Moultonology and on the Etsy stores for Floral Pops and Garden Bonbons.

You can find an FAQ about how to plant the seedballs here.

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  1. What a fabulous idea! I just featured your post on DIY Weddings at CraftGossip. Thanks for finding and sharing such unique inspiration!

  2. Thanks a bunch Kimberly, I <3 CraftGossip! I'm glad to heave learned about Moultonology too and thought it was a unique non-trad wedding bouquet/favor idea. 🙂

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