Handmade accessories for your peacock wedding and more from Misun Bridal

The peacock wedding theme is huge at the moment so it was great timing to hear from Natasha who runs Misun Bridal, an Etsy store specializing in unique handmade bridal accessories. Her shop carries head bands and halos, rhinestone flower and peacock feather hair clips, jewelry and bouquets among others.

Purple peacock feather clip with rhinestones
Purple peacock feather clip with rhinestones

Peacock feather bridal clip
Peacock and White Feather Rhinestone Bridal Hair Clip

Peacock Hair Pin for Bridesmaids
Peacock Bridesmaids’ Hair Pin

Peacock feather fascinator headband

Sophia Couture Iridescent Lady Amherst Peacock Feather Headband Fascinator

Let’s learn more about Misun Bridal from Natasha:

Misun is pronounced “Mee-Sun”. I named my shop after my mother because she has always been there for me and has always pushed me to do my best, ALL the time. I have an associate’s degree in business, a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems, and a real estate sales associate license. None of those careers gave me the fulfillment or freedom I yearned for, as I have always been an artist and poet at heart. Misun Bridal came about after I had my children (two under two!) and wanted to work, but wanted to stay home with my children. I absolutely loved making hair pieces for myself and my friends at their weddings, so when I stumbled upon Etsy, I decided to post a few of my designs for sale to see if anyone else liked my designs and business just kind of grew from there! I get to create, design, and bake cookies while my children are napping, and everyone is happy! I was so happy to be able to be feed my artsy craft loving soul, be with my children, and also put profits toward their college savings! Perfect!

Browsing through her store, I found this other lovely gems:

Pink and Plum Purple Feather Headband
Bridgette Pink and Plum Purple Feather Headband

Rhinestone Flower Peacock Wedding Hair Clip
Mendes Coral Fuschia Hot Pink Rhinestone Flower Peacock Feather Bridal Hair Clip

Rock Princess hot pink flower and feather fascinator
Rock Princess Fuschia flower and feather hair fascinator

Natasha’s top three favorite items from the store are:

handmade bridal hair accessories
1. Alexandra pearl cluster gardenia bridal hair clip
2. Peacock rhinestone flower bridal hair pin
3. Sofie pearl and diamante rhinestone hair comb

More from Natasha:

I would say that my most popular designs among brides would be my gardenia flower hair clips with rhinestone centers, particularly my Lana piece and my Darla piece. The vintage style rhinestones are tiered and shimmer beautifully, but the overall piece still has a feminine, modern feel. I have done custom work for many peacock, garden, and roaring 1920’s themed weddings and enjoy doing custom work immensely…it lets me tap into my creative side!

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