Japanese wedding dress showcase blog (shameless plug!)

Ever since I posted about Luce boutique’s creations last year, I’ve been getting a lot of visits from people looking for modern Japanese bridal gowns so I put up a separate blog devoted to showcasing the creativity of Japan’s bridal fashion designers.

While they still hold elaborate traditional Shinto wedding ceremonies, Christian (or Western-style) weddings are gaining in popularity in Japan these days. I learned this firsthand when I was planning for my own wedding in 2003. Back then I received several 1-inch thick wedding magazines from my dad in Japan and so, pardon the ignorance but I was surprised to see that the Japanese didn’t just wear traditional kimonos to their weddings anymore. Their modern wedding dress designs are in fact chic, creative, and very wearable and it would be such a shame if they remain hidden from the non-Japanese speaking crowd. For this reason I decided to unearth these hidden gems and showcase them to the rest of the world.

Here’s a sampling of what you can expect to find on the blog:

modern Japanese wedding gowns

East meets West sensibilities: fresh takes on the kimono wedding gown. (Pictured are designs by Setsuko Wakatsuki.)

sweet and girly japanese dresses

Sweet and girly bridal dresses with playful details. (Pictured are designs by Ginza Naoco Couture.)

creative bridal gowns

Gowns for the non-traditional bride. (Pictured is a design from Yumi Katsura’s 2011 collection)

non-white wedding gowns

Colored bridal gowns. (Pictured is a design by atelier Juno)

non-traditional wedding gown

Wedding gowns with a surprising twist. (Pictured is a design by Juliet Rosa)

edgy wedding gowns

Princess-line gowns with an edge. (Pictured is a design by atelier Juno)

…and tons more! Please visit and bookmark Japanese Wedding Dresses Beyond the Kimono for bridal gown inspiration.

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