Beautiful (Japanese) rock love song: Bolero by Mr. Children

Mr. Children Bolero

It’s been a while since I’ve written about cool love songs here and you may have noticed that the last two videos I featured in the sidebar are by Japanese musicians – Pizzicato 5’s “Baby Love Child” and Puffy’s “A Sign of Love” (didn’t get to write about it but you can listen to it here).  That’s because I’m currently studying Nihongo so I’ve surrounded myself with their music, movies and TV shows to fast-track my learning.

Today, the song I want you to listen to is called “Bolero” by J-Rock supergroup Mr. Children from their 1997 album of the same title.


I first heard this track in the ’90s while visiting my bro in Japan (he’s a big Mr. Children fan) so hearing it again now brings back fond memories. The gentle vocals, haunting melody and beautiful atmospheric orchestral background perfectly blend together to form a rock ballad that moves and uplifts (yes, even if you don’t understand the lyrics which, fortunately, I’ll be able to explain shortly! ;))

The lyrics are pretty romantic too, here are some of what I can make out along with my rough translations:

Magire mo naku kore ga koi tte iu mon desu
(Unmistakably, this is love)

Kokoro nante mon no jittai wa shiran kedo
(This thing called the heart, I don’t pretend to know)

Karadajuu ga kimi wo motometen da yo
(Throughout my body I yearn for you)

Kimi shika inai kimi koso mirai
(There’s only you  inside, There’s only you for sure in my future)

Itsu datte nenjuu mukyuu de kimi wo ai shite yuku 
(I will love you for always non-stop)

Shichiten battou no jinsei mo waraitobashite yuku 
(let’s go through life’s ups and downs laughing together)

Kanjou wo mukidashi ni shite
(I am baring my soul / emotions)

Asa kara ban made hadaka no manma de kurashitai 
(From morning ’til night I will bare myself to you)

Hirumu koto no nai omoi wa asu e to 
Tsuzuiteku tsuzuiteku
(My feelings won’t falter tomorrow and will continue on, will continue on)

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