Hip wedding ties and fun vintage cufflinks for the groom

Nope, I haven’t forgotten about the grooms (and his men). ūüôā If your boys are on the hunt for unconventional accessories to spice up their wedding outfits, do take a look at¬†WedEclectic member stores¬†Cyberoptix Tie Lab and Nostalgic Links‘ stuff.

Cyberoptix Tie Lab makes “ties that don’t suck”, to put it simply.¬†They’re a small boutique design house that specializes in hand-screenprinted silk and microfiber neckties — and scarves for the ladies too.¬†Some of the interesting necktie designs I found:¬†Weapons of Mass Construction,¬†Clipper Ship,¬†Cosmonaut, and¬†Vintage Cameras.

cool ties

Tons more where these came from — visit the¬†Tie Lab to see their complete range of cool ties.

Nostalgic Links, meanwhile, sells vintage cufflinks and their designs range from nostalgic vintage to playful and wacky retro. Some of the links that caught my eye include the Transparent Red Lego Brick cufflinks, the Lego Cyborg cufflinks, the King of Hearts wooden cufflinks, and the Mini Compass links.

retro cufflinks

Visit Nostalgic Links for more of these off-kilter vintage cufflinks.

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  1. I love the King Of Hearts cufflinks. They look fantastic!
    Great article – enjoyable read. ūüôā

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