Cool love song: Never & Ever by indie duo The Travellers

indie alternative duo the travellers

One of the many reasons I love working on Poptastic Bride is that I get to meet really cool people such as this couple I’m about to introduce you to.

The Travellers, composed of Gemma and Robert, is an indie alternative duo from the UK and France who aims to take you on a musical journey of sixties psychedelia and seventies groove with a modern twist. They are signed with Expat Records and have just released an EP titled “For the Waves” inspired by the sea, the sixties and a desire to get “back to basics”.

Our cool love song for this week happens to be one of the tracks in the EP. It’s called “Never and Ever” and is a sweet little love song that pulls you in with a catchy intro riff  and then keeps you mesmerized with a beautiful lulling melody reminiscent of warm, lazy summer days at the beach… which is perfectly illustrated in their charming music video for the song. Watch it (and listen to the song) below:


I love their retro music — and fashion — style! Don’t you? As for the inspiration behind the song, Gemma offered this reply:

Robert and I met long time ago in Germany,  about 15 years ago, and our love was the inspiration when we both wrote the song! I remember I was so excited to spend all my life with Robert and every day we had something new to share, with the music and our travelling around the world . 🙂

I think that Never & Ever is a lovely song to play at a wedding. Here are some of the lyrics:

Never & Ever our love will end …..
thinking of you there is something new,
I know it’s true I ‘m walking with your shoes
you can remember that I was born (the) end of September,
rolling and rolling our love is loud
turning and turning and I ‘m so proud,
I can remember that you were always so tender,
…………………. I can’t deny your love …and ….. you can’t deny my love
because I know it’s true (love ) !
Never & Ever our love will end , it will never end …… never end ….. will never end …..

I’m so glad Gemma and Robert let me listen to their song, now I’ve let all of you listen to it too! If you want to hear more of The Travellers’ music, browse through their Youtube Channel and visit The Travellers band Facebook page. You can also purchase vinyls of their EP from CDBaby (US), Hands and Arms (France and Worldwide), Norman Records (UK and Worldwide) and The Stone Records (Japan).

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