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lomo wedding photo

Taken by kylethefrench with a Keystone 60 Second Everflash loaded with Fuji 100 Instant film

More than a year ago I posted an an entry on lomo photography in weddings and I thought I’d write more about in detail this time. If it’s the first time you’ve heard of it, the term lomography refers to photography using LOMO brand consumer cameras or any other toy / plastic cameras, such as the Holga and the Diana. Although these types of cameras take imperfect, blurred, vignetted, and saturated (and desaturated) photos, lomography has a large underground following among analog photography enthusiasts and the young, artsy indie / hipster set. Why? Because lomo cameras are relatively inexpensive and they produce unique photographs that have an authentic vintage feel, reminiscent of photos taken in the 70s and 80s.

To illustrate, here’s a photo of my kitty taken with a Holga 120N with a 135 film adapter using expired Fuji slide film. The accidental light leaks are actually welcome as they give a dreamy mood to the photo.

lomo cat

And below are pics from my brother’s wedding 4 years ago, taken with an ActionSampler using regular 135 400ISO  film. The ActionSampler has four lenses that fire over a 1 second sequence which produces a 4-in-1 print. (My only problem with it is that my thumb sometimes gets in the way!)

lomography weddings

I’m not at all surprised that this kind of photography is fast becoming a wedding photo option in certain parts of the world nowadays. If you’d like a cool, artistic and novel way to document your big day, why not spring for some lomo cameras and have your friends spontaneously snap photos of your wedding from different angles? It’s cheap and it’s fun! If you’d rather play it safe and you have the budget anyway, you can always hire a professional vendor who practices this style of photography. It definitely suits retro themed and vintage-style weddings.

I’ve been communicating with Lomography Magazine editors Erin Emocling and Tomas Bates who kindly pointed me to articles they’ve written covering the trend.

Erin’s article Reeling Romantics: Engagements and Weddings in Lomographs begins with the following quote:

“It’s totally ironic to see what used to be conventional film photography being today’s alternative. Digital is now conventional; film is the radical, funky, cool way of expressing your wedding.”

(So true! I grew up with clunky analogue photography — back when developing took days — and welcomed the advent of digital photography with open arms. Now that digital pix are all over the place, it’s quite refreshing to see film-based hand-processed photos again.)

Erin then proceeds to show lomographs taken by Enoxx Wedding Art, a wedding photography service in the Philippines. Here’s a sample photo:

Read the rest of Erin’s article on the Lomography Magazine website.

Tomas, meanwhile, writes about the practicality of wedding polaroids and instant wedding photos in Wedding Day Instants: How to Get Memories Straight Away on Your Wedding Day.

Instant photography is a great and personal way to capture the unique moments on your special day. You’ll get intimate snapshots and your guests can add personal hand-written messages too. The best bit? You won’t have to hire a wedding photographer; your guests can take the photos and have a great time doing it. He then proceeds to tell us why it’s a budget-friendly option, how to create an instant wedding guestbook, and how to get experimental with instant wedding snapshots. Read the rest of Tomas’ article on the Lomography Magazine website.

Below are interesting and real wedding photos from the Lomography Community around the world taken with instant cameras and / or lomo cameras with Instant Backs+

Taken by emanuele with a Polaroid Supercolor 635 loaded withImpossible PX 600 Silver Shade UV+ Black Frame film inArezzoItaly.

Taken by pamellagachido with a Diana Instant Back+ loaded with Fuji Instax Mini film in São PauloBrazil.

Taken by am with a Holga 120 CFN loaded with Polaroid 100 Chocolate film in Amsterdam,Netherlands.

Taken by ivoryocean with a Diana F+ instant back inIndianapolis, INUnited States

wedding plastic cameras

Taken by itay242 with a diana instant loaded with Fuji Instax Mini film in Israel.

How about you? Did you go for lomography and instant photography at your wedding?  If you had lomo photos or polaroids taken at your wedding, shoot me an e-mail for a possible feature! 🙂


Find more wedding polaroid and instant camera pics on the Lomography website (do a search for “instant wedding”). If you’d like to explore lomo photography, take your pick from the cameras in their shop or in Amazon’s Lomography section.

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