Martine & Jim’s Fabulous Extreme Steampunk Wedding

Here’s a steampunk wedding like you’ve never seen before! Creative couple Martine and Jim Steel had an “extreme” Steampunk Wedding on 20.10.2010 that took ten months of exhaustive planning, crafting and designing. As you will see below, all that effort did not go to waste.

steampunk wedding portrait

After Martine showed me her photos, I immediately congratulated her for pulling off the steampunk theme to perfection. The first thing I asked was why steampunk? Did it hold a certain meaning for the couple?

Martine’s reply: “We had noticed how the steampunk aesthetic was being used more and more in popular culture over recent years, before we had even heard of the term for it! Jim has worked on a number of films which borrowed heavily from the genre, from the Harry Potter movies, to ‘Stardust’ and ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army’. We really liked the other-worldly, hand-made style of design, and when Jim finished on another steampunk inspired production, ‘Sherlock Holmes’, and we began planning our wedding, the combination of fantasy, science and beautiful romantic Victoriana just seemed to be a perfect fit.

steampunk wedding invite

Martine and Jim’s Steampunk wedding invitation took three months to create. Distressed tags were attached to wooden USB sticks, each of which have been steampunked with tiny watch parts from eBay. Inside the USB were nine pages of interlinked PDF’s filled with details, intrigue and information about ‘steampunk’ and their wedding.

steampunk wedding ceremony london

The ceremony was held at the Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park, London.

steampunk wedding bride

steampunk wedding guests

steampunk wedding groomsmen

steampunk wedding ceremony

steampunk wedding couple

steampunk wedding bridesmaids

steampunk wedding reception

steampunk wedding reception

Martine says they transformed the Kew Bridge Steam Museum into Steampunk World using professional atmospheric lighting, ribbon & organza, music from Steampunk movie soundtracks, and various actors in Victorian guises (including a fire act called Big Grey) to amuse and entertain the guests on arrival. They also had the biggest steam engine in the world up and running alongside 3 other steam engines in the Main Hall.

steampunk wedding table centerpiece

Jim made 12 working steampunk lamps for table centerpieces and they named each table around their respective lamps i.e. The ‘Teslatic Teleportal
Transmuter Coil’, the ‘Luminous Teleglow Projector’ and the ‘Photonglobe Illuminator’, to name a few.

steampunk wedding table centerpieces

homemade steampunk wedding favors

Homemade steampunk wedding favours with attached heart sparklers and place names and wedding cake (below)

steampunk wedding cake

steampunk wedding entertainment

Entertainment provided by Big Grey (watch the video here)

steampunk wedding party

steampunk wedding portrait

A parting shot from Martine: “We wanted the whole day to be not only unique and romantic – but a little bit eerie and all consuming in it’s steampunk-edness. We completely loved and relished our day – though it all happened to quickly. Our only regret was that we didn’t have more time! We highly recommend steampunk as a wedding theme.”

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Steel for sharing your photos with Poptastic Bride’s readers! View more of their awesome wedding pics on Flickr.

Vendor list:
Ceremony: Russell Suite (named after Bertrand, as he used to live there), Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park, London)
Resplendant Reception: Kew Bridge Steam Museum, London
Photographer: Marc Wyndham Bass
Bridal Gown: Bound by Obsession Custom corsets and wedding dresses tailored to your specific requirements and desires.
Bride’s Bouquet and the buttonholes: Stephanie at Season, 28 Gloucester Road, London SW7 4RB
Steampunk Wedding Cake: Debbie Rose
Master of Ceremonies: Paul Tredgett

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  1. Hey Poptastic Bride,
    Absolutely luuurv this post so I had to do a complimentery post to it on our site. I had no idea and had never heard of a Steampunk wedding but you have educated me well and I love it!
    Thanks hugely

  2. Hi Zarn! Thanks for the lovely complementary post and don’t worry, it’s never too late to learn something new 🙂 As for me, I first learned about steampunk from my husband who’s a sci-fi and cult film fanatic but it was only a couple of years ago when I found out that it’s already become a popular theme for weddings too!

  3. Loverly designs and theme! Very neat!

    Here in Spain this would be so horrible to do… (TT_TT)
    I want my wedding to be like this!

  5. Absolutely fantastic!


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