Robot Cakes and Wedding Cake Toppers

Sometime ago, Kathleen Butler-Donnelly of Cakes by Little Black Cat told me that she made a robot cake based on a drawing on an invite which she later realized was Poptastic Bride’s own Robot Love Wedding invitation! She says her clients, couple Shikha and Tommy de Souza showed her the invite but gave her a free hand with their cake design. Here are photos of the robot wedding cake she made:

Robot Cake

… and here’s our robot love wedding invite:
Robot Love Wedding invitation
Robot Love Wedding by poptasticbride

The cake Kathleen made isn’t entirely identical to the invitation but I was tickled pink that my drawing was able to inspire such an adorable creation!

While searching for more robot wedding cakes online, I chanced upon this one that looks somewhat similar to our invite design too. What do you think?

Robot couple wedding cake

Robot wedding cake from Marilyn Mclellan’s Flickr photostream

Robot theme weddings seem to be growing in popularity — after all, what could be cuter than having whimsical robot graphics and decor represent a couple’s self-proclaimed geekiness? Stick with me now because I’ve gathered some of my favorite robot cakes and toppers below for your inspiration.

Robot Wedding Cake

Robot Wedding Cake from Her Art She Loves’ Flickr album (her shop is Robots Are Awesome)

Robot Groom's Cake

Robot Groom’s Cake from Mathews Manor’s Flickr photostream

Robot Cake Wedding

Robots on a cake from MadRoby’s Flickr

steampunk wedding cake robots

Steampunk-ish robot wedding cake from Go Go Rainbow’s Flickr stream

Robot Wedding Cake Topper
Some Enchanted Evening Robot Couple Cake Topper by Junk Bucket, $45

Cute Robot Wedding Cake Topper

Sweet Sweet Love Robot Cake Topper by Junk Bucket, $40

Robot Cake Toppers

Robots in Love by Masked Rabbit Crafts, $34.99

Robot Cake Topper

Robot Wedding Cake Topper by Robots Are Awesome, $80

Robot Cake Toppers

Robot Bride and Groom by the Happy Acorn, $79.99

Robot Bride and Groom Cake Toppers

Made to Order Robot Cake Toppers by Robots Are Awesome, $110

Robot Couple Cake Topper

Robot Couple Cake Topper by Sleepy Robot 13

Robot Wedding Cupcake Toppers
Robot Wedding Cupcake Toppers by Mates Rubbish, $22 / 2 pairs

Robot Cake Pops
 Robot Cake Pops by Cake Pop Castle,  $21 / dozen

fondant cupcake topeers
Fondant Cupcake Toppers by Cakes and Kids, $15.95/dozen

If you had (or are having) a robot wedding I would love to feature your wedding here on Poptastic Bride! Send me a message here.

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  1. Hi, im interested in the robot cupcake toppers. Do you ship to melboure, australia?

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