Kitty Kanzashi’s creative purple and white wedding

Remember Kitty Kanzashi, the talented kanzashi accessories artisan I featured sometime ago? She got married recently and her wedding, held in a cozy seafront hotel, was just as unique and vibrant as her creations. The handmade elements were a feast for the eyes, from the purple and white Japanese-style kanzashi flower bouquet and kanzashi ornaments Kitty made herself to the exquisite Victorian style corset wedding gown. She recounted her wedding story on our partner blog Wed Eclectic and I instantly thought I just had to share it with all of you. Thankfully, the lovely bride was generous enough to answer some questions and share more of their precious wedding photos!

Kitty Kanzashi and husband

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Kitty Kanzashi

Kitty Kanzashi wedding

PB:  I loved how your wedding reflected your great sense of style. What was your wedding’s theme?

KK: The mood I wanted to create at my wedding was of calm because I felt that if the guests were relaxed then they would enjoy themselves more.  Therefore I didn’t choose a theme because I didn’t want people worry about fitting into the wedding. Also to foster this calm mood we wanted to choose a venue which was informal but with good food.  By coincidence, when I was having lunch with my parents and future mother in law at the time, the place we went had just received its licence to hold marriages! Brilliant we said to ourselves, get married in a lovely seaside hotel which serves nice food.

We made sure everything was kept nice and simple because we didn’t want to clash with the decor at the hotel.  So the table centrepieces were an arrangement of vibrant purple (for the top table which matched my dress) and red and ivory (on the guest tables) flowers in vases which I arranged myself the week before.

Kanzashi wedding bouquet

kitty kanzashi wedding

Kanzashi wedding accessories

PB:  I know you’re a creative person so I’m curious to know what elements of your wedding you personalized or made yourself. You can also talk about how you made the celebration a mix of your cultures.

KK: I made my bouquet and the kanzashi boutonnierres for our families. The white boutonnierres are for my side and the purple ones are for the groom.

Our wedding was always going to be a fusion of Western and Chinese culture so since the ceremony and reception was going to be western, I had to add element of the Chinese culture where it seemed appropriate.

One of the things I had to include was the tea ceremony.  This ceremony is to give thanks to the parents and to welcome the bride into the groom’s family.  Since my partner wasn’t Chinese we adapted the ceremony to just present tea to the immediate family.  This actually turned out to be quite funny because as the wedding was informal the ladies who were preparing the tea spent a lot of the time laughing and having a fun time.  It also gave the guests from the groom side something to experience because most of them have never seen a tea ceremony.

kitty kanzashi wedding

The second element of my Chinese culture that I slipped in was the wedding cake.  Chinese wedding cake are light sponges filled with a buttercream and fruit which is then topped off with more buttercream and decorated with piped roses.  They are beautiful as well as tasty and even the chefs at the hotel were amazed by it.  Of course to pay homage to the cupcake, I asked my mother to order 60 mini cakes which were given out to the guest.  I could hardly expect my guest to eat cake after enjoying a three course meal.

Finally, as wedding favours are popular we had thought about including them but were stuck on what to present.  Then my mother came back from Hong Kong with a brilliant favour, Chinese tea!  What could be better to present then tea which is as British as it is Chinese.  Of course a couple of the guests didn’t realise it and tried to eat the tea as they were pressed into little domes.

Kitty Kanzashi wedding 2

PB: I thought your awesome purple and white wedding dress went really well with your kanzashi. Please tell us more about how everything fell in place.

KK: From the start I knew I wanted a corset wedding dress because I love wearing corsets. Also I was the sort of girl who just loves bold colours and for me to wear an completely ivory dress was never going to happen. I originally wanted a royal blue and ivory wedding dress because wanted a blue corset but my parents objected because they said blue was a funeral colour so in the end I choose my favourite colour purple instead.

As for the style, for me the period that I love most is the Victorian era. I just love the silhouette and if I was going to wear an attention seeking gown then I might as well go the historical. In fact when I showed my mother the dress the week before the wedding that was her first comment.

So where was i going to find a Victorian style corset wedding dress in purple and ivory? Of course it had to be etsy. This made a lot of sense because etsy is the place to find unique clothing and also I like the idea of supporting a fellow etsy business.

As I was looking through there was one corset maker which stood out and that was Bound by Obsession. She had a black and white Victorian style wedding dress which fitted the bill so when I asked her if it could be made in purple and ivory I was relieved to hear it was possible. I asked about this over a year in advance just to make sure it was possible!

Kitty Kanzashi wedding

KK: Another sneaky reason why I wanted my dress to be made by someone was from the beginning I wanted to make my bouquet, hairpins and buttonhole flowers using the kanzashi flowers I made. I’m not a great fan of fresh flowers for two reasons. I’m allergic to pollen and two, I’m organising this wedding 200 miles away so the more I can get ready, the better. In addition, I was guaranteed that the accessories will match my dress colour which would have been harder with real flowers.

Again she said it was no problem with sending me some fabric for this purpose and as soon as I received the fabric, I made a couple of trial flowers to make sure the design I had in mind worked. Originally I was only going to use the flowers but when I saw the lace, I couldn’t help myself and had to add some into the design. This turned out to be a great idea because the addition of lace really pulled the whole thing together. I think I spent a total of two weeks making and assembling everything and I thought it was nice that everything coordinated.

Kitty Kanzashi wedding

I love how Kitty made her wedding a creative fusion of her unique, eclectic style and her and her husband’s cultures and I hope you enjoyed reading her story and seeing all the photos. Thank you for letting Poptastic Bride share your big day, Mr. and Mrs. Kanzashi!

* Let Kitty Kanzashi accessorize you on your wedding! Visit her shop.

(All images are courtesy of Isla Wong)

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