Bold photography by Fearless Wedding Photographers

Brides and grooms with a passion for photography might want to take a look at the stunning wedding photos by the Fearless Photographers, a collective of the boldest wedding photographers around.  Their website is filled with  artistic photos of real weddings from all over so prepare to be floored. (I certainly was!) Don’t expect to see photos of decor and wedding details though as the site is really geared towards couples who are devoted to photography as an art form and want to connect with photographers who share their vision. Here are some images that caught my interest:

fearless wedding photography
Photo by Vincent Ribon

fearless wedding photographers
Photo by Vinicius Matos

fearless wedding photography
Photo by Jonas Peterson

fearless wedding photographers
Photo by Kristi Odom

bold wedding photography
Photo by Tasha Herrgott

The Fearless Photographers are very selective about their photos and only the top 10% of images submitted by over 400 photographers are deemed worthy of being displayed on the website. The curators are a bunch of international award-winning photographers themselves so you are assured of the quality of the photos in the showcase.

The directory is the brainchild of acclaimed photographers Huy Nguyen, Olivia Brown and the many photographers at the Foundation Workshop Forum. I met Huy online (social networking rocks!) and he was kind enough to provide answers to my questions.

daring wedding photos
Photo by Susana Barbera

fearless photographers
Photo by Kari Bedford

PB: What is a “fearless photographer”?
Huy: A Fearless Photographer is a photographer who is not afraid to follow his or her own vision.  The term “Fearless” comes from our need to put our fears and insecurities aside to focus on making amazing images at the wedding.

artistic wedding photos
Photo by Daniel Kudish

bold wedding photography
Photo by Daniel Aguilar

PB: How did Fearless Photographers begin?
Huy: Fearless Photographers was an idea I had back in June 2010 and we – Olivia Brown and I – activated our site in January 2011.  We saw that there are many wedding photographers directories out there but many of them featured wedding details or wedding products that cater to brides looking for ideas in planning their weddings.  We wanted to make a directory for brides and grooms who truly love photography and are looking for great photographers.  So hopefully, they would enjoy seeing the amazing images on Fearless Photographers and contact our photographers.

striking wedding photography
Photo by Tak Yi Young

fearless wedding photos
Photo by Kristin Reimer

striking wedding photography
Photo by David Pullum

daring wedding photography
Photo by Virginia Gimeno

PB:  How can brides and grooms use your site and contact a photographer they’re interested in? (I’m sure there’s been a lot of interest!)
Huy: I think the brides and grooms will love our site because:
– Great images:  We only display our best work on the site – our Fearless Awards. So they won’t be bored looking at inferior wedding photography.
– Recommended Photographers:  Brides can look in each region and quickly see which photographers are ranked at the top – the ones with the most Fearless Awards.  Those are the photographers we recommend most to the brides.  We want to give the brides a little assistance in their search and the best way we know how is to recommend our best.
– Availability Requests:  this is a unique feature.  Brides can request to see which photographers are available and willing to work on their wedding day.  We display each bride’s wedding date and location and photographers who are available will add their names to the list.  The bride’s contact info is hidden so that only the bride can contact those photogaphers.  So the result is she will see about 10-20 photographers  (who are available and willing) for her wedding and decide who to contact.  It’s so easy!

creative wedding photography
Photo by Jorge Tinajero

PB: How can one join the Fearless Photographers?
Huy:  Anyone can join the group and have the opportunity to have their images featured.  However, once photographers join, it’s very difficult for them to earn Fearless Awards (less than 10% of images submitted to the site are chosen as Fearless Awards).  Only these Fearless Awards photos maybe be added to their listing on the site.  When you look at each region, photographers with the most Fearless Awards are listed (in order of number of awards) at the top so we encourage photographers to accumulate awards so they can increase their ranking and have a higher chance of being noticed by the bride.
I am proud to say that we are like the ideal America  — anyone has a chance to rise to the top!

bold photography for weddings
Photo by Vincius Matos

I hope you enjoyed looking at the images as much as I had fun picking them out (it was really difficult though as all of the awardee photos are truly breathtaking).  Huy also informed me that a brand new website is in the works so do watch out for it! You can also visit their Facebook page for more photos and regular updates. 🙂 * If you’re interested in hiring a fearless photographer for your wedding, you can request for one in your area.

Connect with them on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Website

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  1. Fearless is a special group. Not everybody is admitted in and out of those only about 10% ever receive an award. I have none so far…

  2. Hi Bogdan, Huy, the founder of FP, says that everyone can join! Don’t be disheartened, I’m sure you’ll get an award in no time. 🙂


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