Happy New Year! Top 10 Posts for 2011

I hope you’re enjoying what’s left of the holidays! I’m back from a week-long reunion with my husband’s extended family myself and have only just settled in front of my computer. Naturally I couldn’t help but check in to see how you’re all doing.  🙂

(Well I’m glad I did because I was greeted by the dreaded 500 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded white screen when I loaded this site! Thankfully my trusty web host was around to fix the problem straightaway.)

Before we usher in the new year, let’s take a look back at your favorite posts for 2011. This is based on unique page views and length of stay. (Thank you, Google Analytics, for the data.) Here we go:

10. Girly and Sweet Japanese Wedding Dresses 

Japanese wedding magazines like Zexy and Non-no More Weddings (sent to me by my dad who was living in Japan at the time) saw me through my wedding planning in 2002 and it was then when I discovered how pretty and playful their bridal dresses are! This post features a selection of 2011 dresses from some of my favorite Tokyo brands.

9. Shana and Gregory’s Homemade Indie Wedding

Photo: LeRoy Buttone Photography

If you’re new to this site, I urge you to check out this darling couple’s beautiful and relaxed wedding loaded with lots of  DIY vintage-y details.

8. Ready to Use Fingerprint Tree Posters

Fingerprint Tree Wedding Heartastic (Red Vintage) print
Fingerprint Tree Wedding Heartastic (Red Vintage)

Fingerprint tree posters in place of guest books are huge right now. There are stores on Etsy that sell them but if you’re in a hurry, I have some in my online shop that ship fast and are a breeze to customize.

7. 20 Ideas for a Unique Non-Traditional Wedding

A massive blog post wherein I rounded up all of my memorable entries from the very beginning.

6. Martine and Jim’s Steampunk Wedding

Photo: Marc Wyndham Bass

An “extreme” steampunk wedding where everyone showed up in full on steampunk garb!

5. Non-Cake Wedding Cakes

Photos of all kinds of alternative wedding cakes, from “cakes” made from cereal to sushi and even pork!

4. Dia de los Muertos Wedding Styled Photoshoot

Photo: Hazelton Photography

A fun and quirky Day of the Dead themed wedding styled shoot, loaded with DIY details and some how- tos.

3. Printable Retro Floral Gift Box Template

It’s downloadable, easy to assemble, and it’s free. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

2. Rock and Roll Wedding Invitations for 2011

Rock and Roll Wedding Invitations for 2011
Elegant Rock ‘n’ Roll Wedding (Black / Pink) by poptasticbride

An updated Rock and Roll wedding invitation design for 2011. The design is inspired by classic rock and roll posters.

1. Fingerprint Tree Guestbook Art

This year’s most viewed post was the feature on Love From The Thumb’s custom guestbook fingerprint trees! Didn’t I tell you a while ago that fingerprint trees are haute right now?


I hope you enjoyed the trip down Poptastic Bride’s archives. I’ll be back in 2012 (oh wait, that’s tomorrow! 😉 ) with loads more cool wedding ideas and ogle-worthy real wedding features to inspire you to come up with your own unique, personal, and memorable big day!

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