Beatrice & Abraham’s Classic and Romantic Black and White Wedding

On their wedding day, Beatrice and Abraham kept everything simple, elegant, and classic so that the beauty of their venue can stand out. What was important was that they were marrying the loves of their lives — each other. They made the celebration more meaningful by making time for “alone time” before the ceremony and by giving a nod to their Hispanic heritage by playing Latin music — tejano, salsa, merengue and bachata — all night long.

Civic Photos sent in these stunning images of their wedding:

These two are so romantic! And don’t you love the “modern vintage” quality of the images? It’s photographer Barett Henry’s specialty. He also shares some insight into Beatrice and Abraham’s special day:

 The day of Abraham and Beatrice was simple yet special… it started with us catching up with bride at her home while she was getting ready. Before the ceremony the bride and groom did a lovely session in the amazing Helen Gardens in League City. Following the ceremony we captured them sharing expressions of love with the Clear Lake sunset in the background. All the guests enjoyed sharing the joy of watching bride and groom enjoy their wedding day.

One thing that I really loved about shooting the wedding of Abraham and Beatrice is that they planned their wedding around getting plenty of couple shots. It was great that they made time before the ceremony and after to sneak away from everything so that they could allow me as their photographer to only focus on capturing them in a beautiful moment. I would love to encourage all future brides and grooms to set time aside for their personal alone time since its during these moments that some of the most beautiful memories are captured.

We also have gorgeous bride Beatrice on board to tell us more about their wedding:

While planning our wedding we decided to choose colors that would convey a strong mood so we went with black and white. Besides being our favorite colors we were aiming for an elegant theme in which our guests enjoyed the surroundings and the natural beauty in which they felt they were in “a day by the lake”.

Honesty I am a very simple girl, so personalizing my wedding was no problem. What I wanted in my wedding was exactly what it turned out to be. You can say that we pretty much broke all the traditional rules, like having to choose one specific color, or even having alot of bridesmaids. We went with what we liked and we loved the outcome.

Planning your wedding can be alot to handle, but planning it the way you love, you know that’s awesome!

 If I could describe my husband in one word, I would say that he is definitely exactly like me. It’s true what they say about finding your other half, and it’s incredible how much we are alike. The way we met was unique! In a surprisingly relaxing vacation in which he really never had time to do, he decided to come to Houston to visit some family members. I happened to be his cousin’s best friend, and well the rest is history 🙂 I would say that one of our best interests or hobbies to say the least is staying home and play our Xbox… now that’s what we call fun!!!

The venue that we chose was to our criteria beautiful, unique, and to the point, so choosing it was no problem. The moment we saw it we loved it and to us it portrayed the first day to our beautiful life together as a happy married couple.

Being that we come from a Mexican American heritage, the only music that we decided to play at our wedding was the one that honored our upbringings —  Hispanic music.

Thank you again Barett for sending in the beautiful photos, and my sincerest congratulations to Beatrice and Adam!

Photographer:  CivicPhotos
Event Venue: Endeavour Marina



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