Cute and Quirky Hand-Crafted Custom Toppers by Star House

quirky personalized toppers
Photo by Jackson Wright Photography (from Chelsea & Andy’s wedding)

If you thought the cute personalized toppers in Chelsea & Andy’s wedding looked familiar, longtime visitors of this site might remember my 2010 blog entry on non-traditional handmade toppers wherein 5 of Star House‘ eye-catching handcrafted wooden creations were featured.

So while Chelsea and I were corresponding about their wedding feature, it was completely coincidental that the talented Heather, designer and creator of Star House, also got in touch to share her latest work. Since I’m a huge fan of her creations, I thought it was time for a dedicated blog entry.

Meet Heather. 🙂

PB: How did you get started on making custom toppers?

Heather: Initially I had a shop on etsy creating wooden toys and signs, I had been selling many of my designs as unintentional wedding cake toppers and was considering offering custom wedding cake toppers when I was asked by a very sweet woman from LA to create herself and husband-to-be in my style. Since then my style has become much more custom and detailed over the years. It has been a really beautiful organic evolution of sorts.

custom wedding cake topper banjo guitar

Fancy a custom topper of you and your music instruments? 

PB: Please describe your artistic style. Who do you love designing for?

Heather: My artistic style is simple and celebratory. I have a strong connection with the part of me, that I know we all have, that sees the sweetness in everyone, their humanity, their spark, their light really. I just try to celebrate this while I am drawing folks and interacting with them and relax into simply being with each part of what I am creating. At the end of a design I am always so excited to see how it all looks together and ever so excited to see how it will look translated to wood. the scope of my audience has surprised me, I have created toppers for many folks who are having luxury weddings and also many toppers for folks who are planning budget weddings who want to splurge a little.

custom cake topper couple with pets
Do you want a personalized topper of you and your pets?<

Heather: Most of my customers are pet lovers and own pets and want their pets to be represented at their weddings. As a pet lover myself I completely understand and feel really honored to celebrate pets. I also feel so incredibly honored to work with many folks who do not see themselves represented in the traditional cake toppers. I work with many same sex couples, biracial couples, families with children, blended families, and full figured couples. It warms my heart tremendously to celebrate every family and couple and to be a part of the world that is fully supporting everyone being who they are. I would have to say this is what makes doing custom portraits so incredibly rewarding, people are deciding to celebrate themselves. I love this! I really really really love this!

personalized cake toppers luggage

Perhaps you’re a couple of jet setters… 

Heather’s creations are definitely show stoppers and she has such great passion for what she does so if you want to learn more about getting your very own Star House personalized toppers, you may reach the artist and see more of her work at the following links:

Main Website: Star House
Online store:  Star House Etsy Shop
E-mail: or

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