Mica & Marc’s Purple Grown-Up Kiddie Party Wedding

mica marc purple wedding

mica marc creative wedding

playful purple wedding

You’ve already seen Mica and Marc’s frolicsome playground e-session. Today, you will get a peek inside their creative wedding which, as you will find, is just as playful and telling of the couple’s fun-loving personalities. I’m actually doubly thrilled to share their unique celebration with you as it was held on my home turf, the Philippines.

To give you an idea of what’s coming, their celebration was not even held in a typical wedding venue. They chose the Ronac Art Center in San Juan, a multi-level entertainment hub that has retail stores that sell toys and an indoor basketball court aptly called “The Playground” where the couple served cotton candy, street food, played kiddie games and even had a flashmob!

Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s time to let the talented Mango Red‘s photos speak for themselves.

mica marc purple wedding

mica marc felt flower bouquet

flash cards wedding invitation

mica and marc purple playful wedding

mica purple wedding

Gorgeous bride Mica, a former advertising copywriter and model, is also a makeup artist so naturally she did her own wedding makeup! She shares:

Our 9-10-11 wedding was full of playful elements:  we were the first couple to wed in The Playground of Ronac Art Center, our invites were flash cards, my bouquet was made of felt fabric, buttons and potpourri. We had A LOT of D-I-Y elements.

Oh our bride wasn’t kidding. Brace yourselves for more handmade purple awesomeness, dear friends. 🙂

mica marc playful purple wedding

Purple DIY wedding

wedding essentials magazine

* I’m stoked that the pic on the right has copies of Wedding Essentials magazine, the publication I used to art direct. 🙂

mica marc purple wedding DIY

More from the bride:

Marc and I are like silly little kids. We like making up words. We say “olive juice” or OJ instead of I love you. We like hanging out and going on adventures. We believe in being optimistic and having lots of fun so the mood we wanted for our wedding was playful and romantic with inspirations from Little Rascals, though my co-blogger Kai calls it a Little Rascals/Ballerina Chic/DIY/Purple Party…hahaha!

playful purple wedding

mica marc purple diy wedding

mica marc DIY purple wedding

mica purple wedding

mica marc purple wedding

mica marc purple wedding

mica marc purple wedding

diy purple wedding

marc mica purple wedding

mica marc creative wedding

mica marc purple wedding

purple DIY wedding

The fun just never ends with these two. I absolutely love how they did away with the token sweet couple shots and took crazy (in a good way) portraits that showcase their wacky personalities!

On to the reception at The Playground…

diy purple wedding

purple diy wedding

diy purple wedding

creative purple wedding

graffitti wedding cake

diy purple wedding

diy purple wedding dessert table

creative purple wedding

Obviously the kind of people who don’t constrict themselves with rules, Mica shares what else they did differently:

We did all the wedding traditions (cake-cutting, etc.) under 60 seconds. Our cake had Munnies as toppers and guests could doodle on it. We had a “BACKTRACKeoke”, a live-band karaoke where we sang tunes from the 80s and the 90s. We had a lot of crazy fun by combining a mobile bar, served Beer Below Zero, ice cream bars, cake pops, ombre cupcakes, street food, and cotton candy. We held a Palarong Pambata (much like Trivia night in bars). You could have sworn you were in a kiddie party!

Did I mention that they had a flashmob?

Marc & Mica’s Flash Mob! from Mike Salcedo on Vimeo.

Some more fun moments below.

rockeoke wedding

purple wedding

wedding photo booth

mica marc playground wedding

Mica’s advice for couples planning non-traditional weddings?

Be crazy in love and be rebellious. Have more than one cake, wear a colored gown, serve lollipops… but don’t do it to be different, do it because it reflects you and your groom’s personalities.

(Ahhh a bride after my own heart. :))

If you want more more more, Mica and her partner Kai (whose equally atypical Bora Hop wedding is also featured here) has a blog called Rebellious Brides which has the exclusive lowdown (part 1part 2), plus here’s their same-day-edit video:

Marc + Mica SDE from Kai Palileo-Cruz on Vimeo.

Thank you so much Mica and Marc for allowing me to share your special day with Poptastic Bride’s readers!

Photography by Mango Red
Venues: Archbishop’s Chapel and The Playground at Ronac Art Center
Prenup Video by Ian Cruz
SDE by Wang Videography
Gown by Sassa Jimenez
Entourage dresses by Mel Orlina
Multi-way dresses for bridesmaids by Gretchen Pichay
Makeup by The Makeup of Mica
Hair by Vianney Guesse
Headcandy by Bonne
Event Styling by Royal Flower Shoppe
Event elements added by Badang Rueda
DIY bouquet assembled by Badang Rueda
Food and Drinks by Manila Catering
Drinks by Quench Party Bar
Photobooth by FotoLoco
Ice Cream Bar by Bindi’s Sweets N Bits
Cake by Joy San Gabriel

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