Lissa & Brian’s Sweet and Simple as Pie Garden Wedding

Lissa Brian Massachusetts wedding

Lissa and Brian have been together since 8th grade so it was no surprise when they finally tied the knot in August of last year. Their wedding was a sweet and relaxed no-frills affair in a garden near Boston that celebrated their union and life ahead together.

The lovely couple didn’t focus on the party details, they simply enjoyed the day with the closest of friends and family without stressing over  “getting things right”. In fact, Lissa did away with the white gown and make-up (!) altogether and donned a short, sassy blue dress because that was more like who she is. There was no cake at the reception too but there was homemade pie… lots of it!

Thanks to Kristen Elworthy of DMPJ who sent in these beautiful photos by Glen Cooper, we are able to sneak a peek into their wonderful wedding!

relaxed Boston wedding

Lissa was kind enough to tell us more about her and Brian and their wedding.

Brian and I met in 8th grade orchestra (we both play violin).  We started dating that same year and never broke up!  We went to the same college and then moved in together after we graduated.  Brian is now teaching high school physics and I am a Ph.D. student in neuroscience. We live in Cambridge with our two cats.

It was no surprise to anybody when we announced our engagement – in fact, many friends and relatives had been predicting it for a decade.  We wanted the wedding to be relaxed, joyful and stress-free.  We were much more focused on enjoying the process and enjoying the day than on “getting it right”.

It was a wonderful wedding.  The weather cooperated beautifully, the guests seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves, conversation flowed freely, and we felt so lucky to be spending the day with our friends and family — and our lives with each other.

boston garden wedding

Boston garden wedding

cambridge massachusetts wedding

Boston garden wedding

massachusetts wedding

I think the most obvious personal touches were my dress, the pies and the flowers.  I had never dreamed of being a bride.  This isn’t to say I never dreamed of getting married to Brian — but I never imagined myself in a long white gown and veil, walking down the aisle.  It wasn’t a wish I needed to fulfill (and, thanks to my wonderful family, nobody was pressuring me), and it wasn’t my style.  Instead, I drew a picture of the dress I wanted to wear and brought it to a dressmaker (Harper Della Piana at Seams Couture).  She managed to make the dress exactly as I had imagined it, down to the pockets and the buttons on the back!

Massachusetts garden wedding


boston garden wedding

As you can see, the flowers are very colorful!  Brian and I wanted the wedding to feel like an impromptu picnic, and we wanted the flowers to feel like wildflowers gathered during a walk through the fields.  This is partly because both of us love wildflowers (and feel less enthusiastic about stately arrangements), and partly because we wanted the decor to be inclusive, welcoming and varied.  We wanted everybody to feel as though they fit in perfectly.  The florist, Faxon Green, captured the spirit perfectly.

garden wedding

Boston garden wedding

Boston Garden wedding

Massachusetts outdoor wedding

massachusetts outdoor wedding

The other non-traditional aspect of the wedding is actually something that was left out.  It may or may not be apparent from the photographs that I am wearing no makeup of any kind (unless chapstick counts!).  I didn’t get a manicure or a facial or any other beauty treatment — though I did get my hair braided by a professional after I realized I couldn’t manage it myself! I was very uncomfortable with the idea of making myself look perfect for my wedding day.  It’s not that I’m somehow immune to vanity, although I wish I were.  It’s just that I wanted to get married as simply myself.  And I didn’t want to constantly compare myself to meaningless standards of beauty, nor be obsessed with looking as perfect as possible for a day that of course wouldn’t be fully in my control.  I didn’t want to be a doll, or a fancy centerpiece!  I just wanted to be plain old me.

oudoor massachusetts wedding

outdoor boston wedding

wedding pie

Brian and I decided early in the wedding planning process that we were going to have fun with the whole thing.  We didn’t succeed perfectly – there were a few moments in the week before the wedding that got pretty stressful – but on the whole, it was a blast.  We didn’t agonize or argue over any decisions and we very purposefully didn’t sweat the small stuff.

Many thanks to Kristen for sending in these images, and congratulations and thanks to Lissa and Brian for sharing their special day with us! 🙂

Photographer: DMPJ by Glen Cooper
Caterer: Tastings Caterers
Reception Venue: Codman Estate
Dress Designer: SEAMS Couture
Florist: Faxon Green

Image submission via Two Bright Lights

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