Tori & Adam’s Vintage Hollywood Glamour Wedding (with a touch of Christmas)

Just a little over a week ago,  Tori and Adam celebrated their union with a non-traditional wedding party that managed to combine all their interests: vintage Hollywood glamour, superhero action figures, all things postal, and hot pink! And because the wedding was held the day after Christmas, naturally some holiday elements had to be around as well.

Fortunately we’ll be able to take a peek into their unique and creative wedding courtesy of the talents of JoPhoto!

vintage non traditional hollywood wedding

vintage hollywood wedding

vintage glamour wedding

From Kathleen Atkins of JoPhoto:

Tori & Adam’s wedding was at the Historic Capitol Theatre in Maryville, TN, the day after Christmas, Dec. 26, 2011. The Capitol Theatre was built in the 1920s and was an art deco style movie house of that era. Tori was definitely a pink bride, no doubt about it! Her Alfred Angelo Bridal gown was bright pink, with a pink birdcage veil, and her bouquet was made out of pink Christmas ornaments. Their amazing wedding cake and cupcakes were bright pink (made by her bridesmaid, who is a cake designer!), and the cake was lit up with Christmas lights and ornaments. Adam wore a black top hat and a pink vest and tie with his tuxedo, and all the boutonnieres were action figures. Each groomsmen picked out their own action figure! Adam chose Magneto, and Superman, The Joker, Gambit, and Nightwing also made cameo appearances at the wedding! Their ceremony was on the stage of the Capitol Theatre, and it was like a theatre production. They were introduced with a red curtain opening for their first dance, with smoke and theatre lights. Their guestbook was a vintage typewriter with old postcards and stamps. Guests could type a message or write on the postcards, and then seal them up and place them in an old mailbox on the guest table. Guest also dressed for the occasion, with vintage hair pieces and hats, gloves, and classic tuxedos with canes and top hats.

nontraditional hollywood vintage wedding

vintage hollywood glamour wedding

vintage hollywood glamour wedding

Doesn’t Tori look gorgeous in her wedding dress? The pretty in pink bride was generous enough to tell us the story about how she came to find it:

Once we prioritized the things that were important to us and tried to stay flexible about other things, everything came together;  sometimes slowly and sometimes things fell through only for something even better to come through. Like my dress, I knew I wanted a bright pink dress. I was disappointed with the pale blush and mauve dresses I found for brides – they were still very “safe”. I was looking at everything from having a dress made for me online to a $3,000 bridal gown custom made and dyed pink.

It was just by chance that I went with Alfred Angelo. I was a bridesmaid in a friends wedding and her gown and bridesmaids dresses were from there and they were very helpful suggesting my using a bridesmaid dress; I was worried I wouldn’t feel like a bride or the dress wouldn’t be “special” enough but the dress I ultimately chose was gorgeous and exactly what I wanted and it was less than $200 ($350 with alterations!) And trust me with the veil, jewelry, make up, and attention– I still felt very much like a bride!

vintage hollywood glamour wedding

vintage hollywood glamour wedding

The bridesmaids dresses were just fun. Each girl got to pick out the accent color for their dress I wanted each girls personality to come out even wearing the same dress. The dress originally came with a white fabric flower that just looked sad and random. So as part of their bridal party present I hunted down a fun and fabulous brooch for each girl to make it special. And then maybe because I’m crazy we paired up and matched the groomsmen’s attire to the corresponding color!

vintage hollywood glamour wedding

As far as things being personalized and different: those might be one and the same! We are not totally traditional but didn’t want to be different just to be different. I’m very artistic and crafty and the traditional wedding world is uninspiring. So I just tried to think outside the box and have fun with it! I knew between our budget and it being the day after Christmas I didn’t want to mess with a florist and real flowers; the action figure bouts were easy to come up with and Adam had a lot of fun with that!

superhero wedding boutonnieres

vintage hollywood wedding

old hollywood glamor wedding

The bouquets weren’t so easy… and much like the dress took a long time to come together. I originally wanted a brooch bouquet but that wasn’t a realistic option! I stumbled across pictures online of ornament bouquets but wasn’t thrilled with one thing or another; too much tulle, or too simple etc… Luckily a friends mother in law is crafty and used to be a florist so she helped to turn my vision into reality with her floral know how. And my friend and I had a blast putting the bouquets together!

vintage hollywood old glamour wedding

vnitage hollywood glamour christmas wedding

vintage hollywood glamour wedding

vintage hollywood glamour wedding

hollywood glamour vintage wedding

vintage hollywood glamor wedding

vintage hollywood glamour wedding

I told our crafty bride that I admired her meticulous attention to detail! She shares with us:

The details were very important to me and I either made or embellished a lot of things. Its hard not to get swept up in all of the bridal hype but when you can personalize it, it makes it that much more memorable and special! I purchased some things off like my veil and feather fascinator but then added extra feathers and the pink brooch to personalize it. Other things were creative solutions to random problems like the cake stands. Buying or even renting a cake stand seemed silly; they’re not cheap and fall into the boring and uninspired wedding category. So, just being creative and flexible I thought to put it on a round mirror and put that on a overturned glass vase and fill it with Christmas lights and ornaments.


vintage hollywood glamour wedding

vintage hollywood glamour wedding

The venue was so gorgeous and we didn’t really have to decorate at all but the one project that was dear to me was the guestbook table! I have a love for all things postal and it just made sense to bring that into the wedding in that way. I wanted it to look like a desk with the borrowed typewriter, postcards and framed family wedding pictures. The envelopes people used to mail their letters were my stamp collection as a child. We just added labels and a friend hand wrote “Adam & Tori” So I repurposed something that was special and made it even more meaningful.

Adam and I loved going through the mailbox full of letters, drawings and postcards!

vintage hollywood glamour wedding

vintage hollywood glamour wedding

The wedding didn’t really have a theme. As we were planning it I’m sure some people worried that pink, Christmas, action figures, old Hollywood glamor, and everything else wouldn’t “make sense” (and a week before I was getting worried it would be a jumbled mess!) but everything came together and nothing was really out of place. We just tried to be ourselves and have fun with it! I would say the mood we were going for when planning was while we wanted it to be glamorous and special keeping things fun was important!

pink hollywood wedding


Congratulations on your marriage, Tori and Adam! Thank you too Kathleen and JoPhoto for sending in such an amazing wedding!

Photographer: JoPhoto
Venue:  The Capitol Theater Maryville, TN  (Gorgeous renovated 1920’s theater)
Dresses and Tux’s: Alfred Angelo & Savvi Formalwear
Veil & Fascinator: Beckaboodle
Favor Bags & Cupcake liners: HeyYoYo
Cakes & Cupcake: Michelle Sanders

Images submitted via Two Bright Lights

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