Design your own custom needlepoint ring bearer pillows through Needlepaint

Calling all crafty / DIY brides: if you’re looking for even more unique ways to personalize elements in your wedding, I just might have the answer for you. Seth Berman of Needlepaint: Custom Needlepoint Kits recently sent me a photo of an adorable custom ring pillow they made to match the design of a wedding invitation…

personalized ring bearer pillows

Just how delightful is that needlepoint ring pillow? Needless to say I loved it and knew you would too.

If you want one for your celebration, you can do either of two things: (1) Provide Needlepaint with your own design; or (2) Choose from Needlepaint’s ready-to-customize needlepoint ring pillow templates.

If you’ve never needlepointed before, fear not! Seth adds that these projects are great for beginner needle pointers. They are small and simple, and should take about a month to finish.  The help section on their website has links to free tutorial videos.  It only takes about 15 minutes and you will be ready to start! (Or else, you can always have Needlepaint make it for you. More on this below.)

Option 1: Provide them with a design

For the example above, Needlepaint used the couple’s wedding invitation as a guide.  Basically you won’t have to pay for anything until the design is finalized.  Once you approve of it, you have a few options for purchase: buy just the needlepoint canvas (minus the yarn); buy a needlepoint kit which includes the canvas, a full-sized print-out of your custom design with color-coded thread guide, 6-strand embroidery threads that correspond to the thread guide, and a tapestry needle (minus the fabric to make the pillow which is easy to get at any fabric store); or, if you have no time (or the confidence) to needlepoint, Needlepaint can make the pillow for you! It takes them about 8 weeks to stitch the needlepoint and make it into a pillow.

Prices range from $50 for a canvas to $160 for a completed pillow.

Option 2:  Use one of their existing templates

Needlepaint offers needlepoint ring bearer pillow templates that you can customize online.

custom ring bearer pillows
Just choose a design from their Needlepoint Kit Catalogue, specify your colors and input your text and they will send you your chosen design printed on high-quality mono deluxe canvas along with a blocked print and a symbol guide to aid you in your stitching.

Seth tells me that Needlepainthas been making custom needlepoint kits for about two and a half years now. His wife wanted a ring bearer pillow for their wedding so they decided to make one.  Once he saw it, he just knew they had to create more designs!

personalized needlepoint ring pillow

Kathryn & Seth’s custom needlepoint ring pillow

I can’t wait to see what you creative brides (and grooms) come up with so go and visit the Needlepaint website to design your custom needlepoint ring bearer pillow now! Make sure to send me a photo of the finished product so I can display it on our Facebook page!

* By the way, you don’t have to limit yourselves to ring bearer pillows. Needlepaint is all about custom designs — think custom canvas backgrounds for your photo booth, topiaries, personalized bible covers, kippas for Jewish weddings… the possibilities are endless! Seth tells me that one client they worked with had them make inserts for leather purses with the bridesmaids’ monogram. Head on over to the Needlepaint Blog to see their other custom work.

* Needlepaint ships worldwide and takes payment via Paypal.

Quick links: Needlepaint / Needlepaint Blog

* This is a sponsored post. Please note that I only recommend products or services that I like myself and believe will be of interest to my readers.  

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