Cool DIY Ideas from our January Couples

Why hello February! Guess what, this blog turns two years old this month! I hope you’re enjoying the (almost) daily dose of funky wedding ideas because there’s a lot more coming your way. ūüôā

For now, I thought it would be nice to look back and take inspiration from our January weddings — okay I included some from December that were too cool not to mention — on how to incorporate who you are into your wedding. In case you were too busy looking at the gorgeous photos and missed some of the brilliant ideas shared by our featured couples, don’t worry because I’ve isolated them in this dedicated post for your easy reference. ūüôā

1. Instead of the usual guest seating cards, do as Katherine & Brad did and tie ribbons around cute, inexpensive toys (which can double as favors)

DIY Inspiration from¬†Katherine & Brad’s wedding¬†(photo by¬†Carrie Wildes)

2. Here’s a wonderful table number idea: if you’re flexible like Joanna & Jan, why not pose as your table numbers and have a friend take your picture? Frame them and voila! Personalized guest table numbers.

DIY Inspiration from Joanna & Jan’s wedding (photo by Tessie Reveliotis)

3. Can’t find wedding shoes that fully expresses your awesome self? Be inspired by Kelly who bought plain “old lady” shoes from Sears which she glittered, painted and transformed into the sparkly blue pumps she wanted.

DIY Idea from Kelly and Matt’s wedding (photo by JamieY)

Mica, meanwhile bought simple ballet flats in the color she wanted and embellished it with matching felt flowers she made herself.

embellish your wedding shoes

DIY Inspiration from Mica & Marc’s wedding (photos by MangoRed)

Kerry stuck the words “I Do” under her stilettos for a nice under-the-shoe surprise.

DIY Inspiration from¬†Kerry & Szabolcs’ wedding¬†(photo by¬†Melinda Le’ Photography)

4. Instead of having a wedding cake, do as Lissa and Brian did and make lots of homemade pies and serve them to your guests. Cut a heart shape into the crust for added flair.

DIY Wedding Inspiration from¬†Lissa & Brian’s wedding¬†(photo by¬†DMPJ by Glen Cooper)

5. If you’re having cake, here’s a cute idea: get one in a solid color and top it with toys of your choice. Fill piping bags with colored icing in your wedding’s color scheme and have your guests “decorate” it. Check out Mica and Marc’s super cool cake below.

DIY Inspiration from¬†Mica & Marc’s wedding¬†(photo by¬†MangoRed)

6. Another simple but creative guest seating card idea: get a framed photo or painting of a tree and then stick your guest’s names on it.

DIY Wedding Inspiration from Lissa & Brian’s wedding (photos by DMPJ by Glen Cooper)

7. Allow your groom to express himself through his fashion! Tori & Adam crafted bouts out of superhero action figures and Christmas trim for their December 26 wedding.

DIY Inspiration from Tori & Adam’s wedding (photo by JoPhoto)

Katherine & Brad also embellished their boutonnieres with little Lego people that they love.

DIY Inspiration from Katherine & Brad’s wedding (photo by Carrie Wildes)

8. As mentioned here before, bouquets don’t have to be made of flowers so it can truly reflect who you are. Tori made a bouquet using Christmas ornaments for her December 26 wedding.

DIY Inspiration from¬†Tori & Adam’s wedding¬†(photo by¬†JoPhoto)

Katherine compiled love notes and passages from books she loved. Her mom reproduced those pages and fashioned them into a very special paper bouquet for her.

DIY Inspiration from¬†Katherine & Brad’s wedding¬†(photo by¬†Carrie Wildes)

Kai collected heirloom brooches and created a unique and personalized bouquet out of them.

DIY Inspiration from¬†Kai & Cy’s wedding¬†(photos by¬†Mango Red)

9.  For an outdoor wedding, do as Kai & Cy did and line your aisle with colorful handmade pinwheels which should spin gently in the breeze.

DIY Inspiration from Kai & Cy’s wedding (photos by Mango Red)

10. ¬†A great and simple signage idea is to get a large chalkboard and wrire/draw on it with colored chalk, as in this cute welcome sign from Rene & Adam’s wedding.

DIY Inspiration from Rene & Adam’s wedding (photo by Sikora Photography)

Chelsea and Andy had chalkboards in many different sizes and used them to label food and stations at their reception.

DIY Inspiration from¬†Chelsea & Andy’s wedding¬†(photo by¬†Jackson Wright Photography)

11. Here’s a lovely way to pay tribute to family members at your wedding: hang old family photos on pretty ribbons with clothespins as Rene and Adam did.

DIY Inspiration from¬†Rene & Adam’s wedding¬†(photo by¬†Sikora Photography)

12. A simple and meaningful reception decor idea is to do like Morgan and Jim and make a handmade banner spelling a favorite lyric, saying, or anything special to you!

DIY Inspiration courtesy of Morgan & Jim’s wedding (photo by Carolyn Scott)

13. A funky way to introduce your bridal party is to make flair buttons for them identifying their roles in your wedding, as seen in Karin & Craig’s celebration.

DIY Inspiration from Karin & Craig’s wedding (photo by Bowerbird Photography)

14. Photo booths are always fun. Martha & Neil had a guest message station where they could stick the photos and leave their messages beside them.

DIY Inspiration from Martha & Neil’s wedding (photo by Charo Photo)

15. For rustic weddings, make personalized wooden signs out of tree trunk slices like Sara & Jack did.

tree trunk wedding signs

DIY Inspiration from Sara and Jack’s wedding (photo by Click Photo Designs)

16. Instead of a guest book, Sara & Jack had guests write messages on fabric squares which can be turned into a memory quilt to decorate their home after the wedding.

fabric squares for guest quilt

DIY Inspiration¬†from¬†Sara and Jack’s wedding¬†(photo by¬†Click Photo Designs)

Kelly & Matt had the same quilt guest book idea but implemented it differently – they painted embroidery hoops in their color motif and used them to hold the fabric pieces taut as guests wrote on them.

DIY Idea from¬†Kelly and Matt’s wedding¬†(photo by¬†JamieY)

I hope you were able to get some creative ideas that you can tweak and turn into your own! (Hopefully I can do this monthly roundup from now on! *crosses fingers*). Remember to keep an eye on our Real Weddings and Engagements sections for more fresh, creative and wonderfully quirky wedding inspiration.

* If you enjoyed this list, feel free to see all the personalize your wedding DIY idea compilations with real-life examples!

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