Sabrina & David’s Monster Chase Around DC Engagement Shoot

Alongside the fascinator giveaway I blogged about earlier, here’s another post to start March off with a bang! Since starting this blog I have witnessed some really cool engagement sessions but I don’t think I’ve seen anything as fun and crazy (in a good way) as this one. For one thing. it’s got monsters, and for another, Sabrina & David look like they were totally having a blast in this creative e-session! Needless to say I couldn’t wait to share it since the very day it landed in my inbox. 🙂

Here’s photographer Maggie Winters to tell us more about the unique shoot:

I met up with Sabrina and David and their insanely adorable cardboard monsters at the DC Record Fair, which turned out not to be the best place for photos… So we took the monsters outside for a chilly/awesome session where they chased Sabrina and David all around DC! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding which promises to be more of the same awesomeness, and hopefully a lot more monsters!

Monsters engagement session

monsters engagement session

cardboard monsters engagement session

Oh no, look behind you!!!

As we wait for the monsters’ next move, let’s meet the pretty Sabrina who’s on hand to tell us more about how they came up with this inventive engagement session:

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how monsters originally came up. Maggie and I were brainstorming ideas for a unique wedding project and I think the original idea was fighting aliens. My fiance David and I love alien movies – we even have a very expensive Aliens pulse rifle hanging in the house, his pride and joy. We also love horror films and I have a special place in my heart for monster movies.

All over our little suburban house you’ll find weird nerdy things but mostly, there’s a lot of really cute evil things. We have cute robots, cute monsters, cute aliens, cute zombies, it’s just sort of this strange theme that’s evolved in our house. Is it naturally evil? Make it cute and we’ll buy it.

As the plan evolved with Maggie I decided I would take on the task of making monsters. I’m always in for a good craft project and one of my bridesmaids helped me decide on what the monsters should look like and helped me cut them out (easier said than done). It took multiple coats of paint to cover the cardboard but I stayed up late one night watching Evil Dead II with David and our roommate and giggled every time I walked by the monsters evolving on the floor.

We had originally planned a different shoot to happen that day with use of the monsters but for a couple of different reasons it didn’t work out (that awesome project will happen soon). So there we were in Arlington with two giant monsters and some cameras.

monsters engagement session

monsters engagement shoot

monsters engagement session

monsters e-session

monsters engagement session

monsters e-session

Eep! They’re closing in! Run!!!

Here’s more from Sabrina:

David and I have a record player, as do Maggie and her partner Steven, and the DC Records Fair was happening that day so we all meandered into the city to get records and we brought the monsters just in case. After we all bought some records we took the monsters for a fantastic jaunt around. We ran in slow-motion up and down the streets and all four of us collaborated on ideas for how to make the monster attack happen.

It was absurdly cold in DC that day so we really didn’t get as much done as I think we all would have liked to but it turned out to be a pretty adorable set of photos anyway.

monsters e-session

monsters engagement session

monsters engagement session

monsters engagement shoot

monsters engagement

monsters engagement shoot

Whew, so they were friendly monsters after all!

Some parting insights from the couple:

This shoot says a lot about our relationship because we’re not “average”. We’re goofy and a little left of center and a whole lot of fun. We are always making jokes and laughing together and this was definitely a photo shoot that helped to showcase our personalities. It didn’t hurt, either, that Maggie and Steven are so easy to work with and such nice people. During all of the brainstorming with Maggie she was always excited about it and it’s easy when you’re planning a wedding to get stressed out about the details. Working with a vendor that is just as excited about it as you are definitely helps keep the fun going. We’re so thrilled to have her and Steven as a part of our special day later this year.

Oh and I think it says a lot about the sort of people in our city that during a roughly 45 minute shoot of people running down the street from giant neon monsters, only one onlooker made a comment and most just walked on by. Just another day in the capitol!

monsters engagement session

The happy family! If you must know, the monsters’ proper names are Todd and Chaswick. 🙂

A huge thank you to Maggie Winters for sending this creative engagement session my way, and congratulations to the lovely couple (I hope to see more of your cute monsters in your wedding too, Sabrina and David!)

Photographer: Maggie Winters Photography
Location: Washington DC, USA

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  1. Oh my goodness! These photos are adorable and SO MUCH FUN! I love that most passers-by didn’t pay any attention to the session! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Meg! I know right??? Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. i’m literally laughing out loud…

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