An Alternative Contemporary-Meets-18th-Century Bridal Fashion Shoot

Today we have a rare bridal shoot — I don’t normally post them but when this shoot landed in my inbox some weeks ago I knew it was just too cool not to share! This one’s for all of you alternative brides who are considering a unique and different look for your wedding day.

This period bridal shoot is a collaboration between the Dark Garden Unique Corsetry in San Francisco and Jude Mooney Photography. Dark Garden specializes not only in corsets but also gowns, both period and alternative.

alternative bridal shoot

Jude Mooney, who is known for making vintage and timeless looking portraits, had this to say about the shoot:

Our aim was to compliment the 18th c. design of the dress with a contemporary twist. I spent time looking at paintings of Marie Antoinette and choosing a location that had a Versailles feeling. The steps I found at the end of California Street and I thought they were perfectly Versailles, somewhat grand and stoic. The flowers that we used on the steps, Orchids and then Protea, were simply what I was able to find in January at the farmers market. I wanted something unusual that could stand on it’s own as a work of art. I should mention that the beautiful make-up was done by Chrysalis Rose. This shoot was certainly inspired by the fantastic dress and the stunning beauty of our model, Ariyana.

alternative bridal shoot

Gown and corset designer Autumn Adamme, owner of Dark Garden, is here to tell us more about her creation:

Dark Garden produces wedding gowns and corsets for many types of wedding, specializing in historically informed and high drama custom creations. The gowns and corsets that we create are suited to romantic fairy-tale weddings, historically inspired weddings, dramatic evening weddings as well as fanciful and glamorous weddings.

The gown itself is inspired by a late 18th style of gown called the Zhone. The corset also is late 18th century. The black hat is made by House of Nines Designs in San Francisco. The designer, Tricia Roush specializes in techniques of a by-gone era, handblocking each felt individually and trimming each hat with ribbons, often antique, that she has hand-pleated. Her feathers are also carefully curled by hand, giving everyone of her hats a timeless quality, hard to find in today’s fast paced world.

alternative bridal style

alternative bridal shoot

alternative bridal shoot

alternative bridal shoot

Thanks to Jude Mooney for sending this awesome shoot my way!

Photographer: Jude Mooney Photography
Dress Store: Dark Garden Corsets
Make-up: Chrysalis Rose
Shoot Location:  California

Image submission via Two Bright Lights


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  1. Very inspiring for the 18th C project I have going on!

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