Indie Wedding Music: Conventional Love Song by Saintfearless

saintfearless conventional lovesong This week’s tune is the melodic and somewhat melancholic ballad Conventional Love Song by Saintfearless, a Capetown, South Africa-based indie rock band. The group is fairly new: comprising of four members, the band formed in the summer of 2008 and quickly worked their way up the Capetown music scene. Currently making waves in their home country, they have their sights set on conquering the rest of the world as well with their mix of new school & old school rock which has been described as raw, sexy, emotional & cinematic.

It’s actually my first time to hear of the band and their music. Their sound caught my attention as I was perusing this month’s Music Alliance Pact posts across the web and so I thought of sharing this particular song with you.

The lyrics — at least what I can make out — go:

Sometimes I look at her she’s looking back at me
I feel a change inside this perfect symmetry
I’ve never felt so right, I’ve never felt so pure
I’ve never felt so insecure…

Let’s take a nervous trip to outer space
Let’s go somewhere I know they’ll never find us
We’ll run, just run

My world collapses when she looks me in the eye
My skin it burns when she slips her hand in mine
She puts her lips to me it knocks me to the ground
I know for sure that now I’m found

So late nights here’s to you and I
Hope we can make it through
We’ll run, just run
And define yourself

Listen to the catchy tune below:

And if you like it, guess what, you can download it for free via the direct link provided by the MAP!

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