Joanne & Nick’s Fun and Quirky E-session around Street Art-filled NYC

Today I have a visual treat for you! Joanne & Nick are about as unorthodox as they come and I didn’t even need to read their bios to know that. That’s because photographer Todd Laffler of Laffler Photography deftly brought out their ultra-fun personalities in this playful and artistic urban engagement session held in the vibrant art-and-graffiti-filled streets of New York City.

urban nyc engagement

I’ve actually loved Todd’s work since I saw it on Fearless Photographers months ago and I’m thrilled that I can finally share his AWESOME and inspiring photography with you! (Expect to see more from him in the coming weeks.)

For Joanne & Nick’s e-session, Todd shares that it rained on the day of the shoot which sort of put a mild damper on it… but as you can see he made it work!

More from Todd:

Joanne brought her cute little dog Sandy too. I had so much photographing her, I almost forgot to shoot Joanne and Nick! Big thanks to Joanne’s dad for being Sandy’s “handler” for the day too! I had a blast with these guys and can’t wait for their wedding.

nyc street art urban engagement session

urban engagement session NYC

And now let’s meet the cute-and-crazy (in a good way!) couple. Take it away Joanne!

Nick and I met through a mutual friend the day after Valentine’s Day. It was NOT love at first sight. Nick thought I was bossy (which is true) and I thought he was short (also true). Despite this, we decided to go out for ice cream as our first date. We closed the place down and chatted until the early hours of the morning. Even after we both went our separate ways home, Nick and I continued to chat via text. There definitely was something between us! Unfortunately, the timing was not right and we lost touch. After a few months, Nick contacted me and wanted to get together. Me being a skeptic, thought it was not a good idea since it did not work out a few months prior. He begged 😉 for a date. “Just give me three dates and then make a decision.” So I did. Turns out, I’m really bad at math because three dates turned into six and now we are getting married. 🙂

NYC street graffiti engagement session

urban engagement photography

nyc street urban engagement session

Didn’t I tell you the photos were amazing? And this duo is just so fun! Joanne’s back to tell us why this shoot defines them to a T:

After two years of dating, Nick and I got engaged. In planning our wedding, we wanted it to be unique to us. One of the qualities we share is our outlandish sense of humor and our ability to make our own rules. We decided to not have a bridal party and to get married on a Tuesday. No, seriously. We are getting married on July 3rd. Check the calendar — it’s a Tuesday! With that being said, the vendors Nick and I chose HAD to be as quirky as us. After much Facebook stalking, we decided on hiring Laffler Photography to capture us on camera both for the e-session and the big day.

nyc urban engagement

Cute dog alert! *squee*

NYC street engagement session

Todd Laffler is amazingly talented. We met him in NYC for our e-session one afternoon. Todd has an eye to make something extraordinary out of nothing. He found different spots for us to shoot and while Nick and I were being ourselves, he captured our personalities on film… and made us look amazing! Todd gets an even bigger gold star for allowing us to bring our dog Sandy along! Love, love, love! These photographs truly capture the essence of our unique relationship – fun, out of the ordinary, and bold! I can’t wait for Todd to shoot our wedding day!

artistic NYC engagement session

urban graffiti nyc engagement

Huge thank you to Todd for sending me his awesome (yup, it’s that word again) images, and congratulations on your engagement Joanne & Nick! 🙂

Photographer: Todd Laffler of Laffler Photography
Location: New York City

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