Indie Wedding Music: Indie Love Song by The Frank and Walters

greenwich mean time the frank and walters My pick for this week’s indie love song is, well, the aptly titled Indie Love Song by Irish alterna-rockers The Frank and Walters (or simply The Franks as they’re also known by).

The impossibly catchy ear-friendly tune was launched on Valentine’s Day of this year and is the first single from their 5th studio album Greenwich Mean Time, released just a little over a month ago. It boasts of harmonious guitar hooks, an infectious melody, and some pretty straightforward lyrics:

You and I are backing up a one way street
Going places where our love has never been
You and I are waiting for the stars to come our way
The clouds move over and we climb the milkyway

We’ve been a long time waiting for the sun

I tried to write you an indie love song (3x)
All I came up with, was only this one

This song? It rules. Have a listen (while checking out the cute video!) below:

I can totally hear it blaring at a reception or playing in the background of a save the date or wedding video! What do you think?

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