Indie Wedding Music: Tonight by Saint Etienne

words and music saint etienne This week’s indie wedding song is not exactly a love song but I couldn’t resist sharing it with you because I happen to love UK indie-poppers Saint Etienne! Vocalist Sarah Cracknell’s signature soft, breathy vocals coupled with the trio’s synth pop/indie dance sound provided the soundtrack to my late night drives home during my, er, party-going days (the album Good Humor was one of my absolute faves) so naturally I was ecstatic to hear that they have an upcoming release! Titled Words and Music, the new album will be out on May 29, 2012 but luckily they are treating us to a taste through their first single Tonight.

According to the group, the catchy, dance-y tune is “about the anticipation of going to see your favourite artist” (which I’m sure you music lovers can relate to) and that “the entire album is about the power of pop, how it affects and shapes your life”.

Listen to it below or watch the official video here:

The lyrics capture the excitement of gussying up and getting ready to watch a gig you’ve been waiting for:

Check my make-up and check my watch again, I can hardly wait
Play the album and play it all again, I can hardly wait
They say the music press is set to try us
They say that they’re in love with synthesizers
And baby don’t you know there’ll be surprises
Tonight, Tonight
This could be my life this could save my life
I can hardly wait
Maybe they’ll open with an album track
Or a top five hit no turning back
Ooh ooh ooh-oh ooh…

Reading the lyrics again I swear they could be referring to their comeback. And if we really want to stretch it, the feeling of anticipation can be equated with the excitement of getting ready for your wedding. 🙂

Like it? Can you imagine dancing to it at your wedding reception? Share your thoughts with me below!

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