Cori & Josh’s Aviation Museum Engagement Session

Today we have a fun and fresh e-session that took place in Canada’s Aviation and Space Museum — a fitting venue for Cori and Josh who both love to fly! Josh is actually a pilot so he really does fly, quite literally, and it goes without saying that Cori enjoys going on his flights with him. πŸ™‚

aviation themed engagement session

We have the lovely Laura of Laura Kelly PhotographyΒ to thank for this sweet and unique engagement shoot, and here she is to share some insider info about the day:

Cori and Josh picked the location themselves, and it was somewhere I had never shot, and was SO excited for! We were lucky that the museum was relatively empty on this SUPER COLD winter morning. We may or may not have dodged security a few times when we stood behind the museum ropes to get some closeups with the planes!

I thought it was so sweet that Cori knew some of the names of the planes, just from being around Josh for so long. It was so clear to me that this was one of his favourite places. πŸ™‚

aviation themed e-session

aviation museum e-session

aviation museum engagement session

Just how adorable are they??? The pretty Coriander is here to share her & Josh’s sweet love story:

Josh and I met when we both attended QLEAD, a leadership conference at Queen’s, when I was in grade 11 and he was in grade 12. They bussed a bunch of us down from Ottawa, and we all wanted to watch a movie on the coach bus. Since the bus didn’t have a DVD player and no one had any VHS tapes, Josh plugged his portable DVD player into the bus so we could watch a movie. I happened to be sitting in the front seat, so I was holding the DVD player throughout, and I spent most of the conference with him and his friends. We stayed in touch via MSN, and eventually went on a date (to see the movie “Cars”) just after I finished high school, and the rest is history. πŸ™‚

aviation museum engagement session

aviation museum engagement session

aviation museum engagement session

The Aviation Museum seemed like a perfect place to do our engagement photos as Josh has his commercial pilot’s license and I love to fly with him. We’re also doing an aviation theme for the wedding — including model planes as centrepieces — and are planning to use one of the photos for our invitation.Β I was really glad we chose Laura as our photographer, because she was able to make Josh comfortable enough to be himself, and a lot of the photos really show the fun we have together.

I completely agree! The venue is perfect and Laura’s beautiful photos clearly show how in love this twosome is. πŸ™‚

aviation museum engagement session

Thanks to Laura for sending this sweet e-session my way, and congratulations to Cori and Josh! Have fun with the wedding planning! πŸ™‚

Photographer: Laura Kelly Photography
Location:Β Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Image submission via Two Bright Lights

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