Laura & Mike’s “Private Cooking Class” Engagement Session

Laura and Mike grew up in Italian and Portuguese households respectively and with both cultures famously known for their cuisines, it was only natural for the lovely pair’s e-session to be centered around food. The result is a¬†gorgeously photographed (and dare I say sizzling hot!) cooking-themed engagement session and I’m thrilled to be sharing it with you today. ūüôā

kitchen lifestyle e-session

Now isn’t that an adorable shot of the couple? We have the talented Aron Goss of Ontario-based¬†Calculated Style Photography¬†to thank for it and the rest of the beautiful images on this page. Aron told me that to make Laura & Mike’s unique “cooking class” e-session happen, they¬†decided to hire a private chef to administer real lessons while the couple cooked and cuddled up which he of course captured to perfection. More insider info from Aron:

Laura and Michael are big time foodies.  I had had this idea in my head for awhile, but it was only a matter of finding a couple that it would make sense for.  After suggesting the idea to them, they jumped at it immediately.  We shot it on SuperBowl Sunday and they both presented me afterwards with an incredibly thoughtful basked of goodies to enjoy while I watched the game afterwards.  Thoughtful, sweet and trusting, the perfect couple.

Hope you enjoy!

cooking engagement session

cooking class e-session

cooking engagement session

cooking e-session

cooking themed engagement session

cooking themed engagement session

cooking class e-session

cooking engagement session

cooking themed e-session

Just how sweet are they? Mike is actually here to tell us about how he and his lovely Laura got together:

I met Laura through mutual friends during the first week of the first year of our engineering programs at McMaster University.  We actually lived in the same residence, but on different floors. Although the first two years of our programs were busy, we kept in touch as friends: I attended her 19th birthday party, she borrowed my capo so she could play Wonderwall on the guitar, and I occasionally helped her with PowerPoint tips for school.  During the summer before the third year of our undergrad programs, we both were hired to do summer research at McMaster.  It took a summer of playing pickup soccer and a date to TCBY for frozen yogurt for us to realize there were sparks between us.  This chemistry turned into a deep love and soon we realized that we were meant to be together.  We continued dating and 6 years later I began planning how and when I was going to propose to Laura.  Five months later, on the Family Day long weekend of 2011, I finally did it! And she said yes.

cooking themed engagement session

cooking themed engagement session

cooking themed engagement session

cooking engagement session

cooking themed engagement session

cooking engagement session

Do you *heart* this lifestyle e-session as much as I do? Lucky for us, Laura’s here to tell us more about how the idea for it came about:

When it came time to plan our engagement session with our amazing photographer, Mike and I suggested to Aron that we wanted to DO something fun (and not only focus on the scenery).¬† Aron suggested a private cooking class and Mike and I thought that this couldn‚Äôt be more perfect.¬† Ever since we first started dating, we always loved cooking with and for each other, and sharing our knowledge of the foods we grew up with.¬† Mike even says it is his favorite way to procrastinate.¬† We were so lucky to be taught by Vanessa because she not only showed us a wonderful time, but she also allowed us to pick a menu that was as varied and eclectic as our own food tastes.¬† As Aron said, for us ‚Äúgrowing up in Italian and Portuguese households, a love of food is more of a birthright than a choice‚ÄĚ.

Their choice of theme couldn’t have been more perfect for them! After they were done in the kitchen, they headed outdoors “to help burn off the extra calories,” Aron shares. Get ready for some seriously stunning portraits of the ravishing duo.

cooking themed engagement

toronto canada engagement

toronto engagement session

toronto canada engagement session

Thank you Aron for sending this awesome shoot my way, and congratulations on your engagement, Laura and Mike! Have fun with the wedding planning! ūüôā

Photographer: Aron Goss of Calculated Style Photography
Location: Aphrodite Cooks, Toronto Ontario CA

Image submission via Two Bright Lights

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