Certified Poptastic 20: Happy Mothers Day + Sneak Peeks

Happy mothers day to all of the wonderful mothers out there! 🙂

So dear readers, are you planning to honor your mom at your wedding? If you are and you’re stumped for meaningful ways to do it, you may take a cue from some of our previously featured couples —

5 Ways You Can Show Your Mom You Love Her at Your Wedding

1. Make Mom your Matron of Honor

Hilary’s Matron of Honor was her mom! And they even wore matching sparkly chucks — how cool is that? (Photo by Krista Lee Photography)

2. Have a Mother-Daughter Dance

Mother and Daughter Dance Wedding

Julie bucked tradition and had a mother-daughter dance (instead of the usual mother/son or father/daughter dance). Don’t you just love how sweet they are? (Photo by Studio Sequoia)

3. Show off her wedding photos at your party


parents wedding photos

Leslie and Josh hung their parents’ — and grandparents’ — wedding photos at their reception. (Photos by One Eleven Images)

4. Wear something she gave you as a child or when you came of age.

mariachi party wedding in a museum

Isabel wore an eye-catching green silk scarf given to her by her mom on her 13th birthday to her wedding reception. (Photo by Luzco Photography)

5. Carry her love with you as you walk down the aisle

love notes paper rose bouquet

Katherine’s paper bouquet consisted of love notes from her parents and groom. (Photo by Carrie Wildes Photography)

Any other ideas on how you can show your mom you love her at your wedding? Feel free to let me know below! 🙂


sneak peeks

Sneak Peeks! Please stop by this week to see what these lovely photos are all about.

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